Only in Las Vegas

One of the things I love about Las Vegas, is how easy they make everything. Without leaving the airport you can gamble, play slots, order your tickets to the shows, reserve a suite, get a table (and uber) to the Bellagio buffet, buy your electronics … buy your electronics? Yes, indeed.

This Best Buy vending machine has all the essentials. Need a Fire TV Stick to take to your hotel room? Check. How about a Go Pro or Dashcam for your rental car? Got it. and a “hot line” you can dial, to have something more substantial delivered to you, in the airport.

Just can’t get over how convenient, interesting (and funny) this is. Thank you Best Buy and welcome to Vegas.


No Tablo Dual Lite though. :wink:

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But does vegas have this?

or this?


It’s because most dedicated Tablo-ites carry a spare in their suitcase…


Or because who needs a Tablo traveling? You can just stream it from home! I love that feature even though I haven’t used it aside from tests. I sure wish I had that feature when I was traveling for work or the time I spent a month in the hospital. I’d love to be able to stream audio only from my Tablo. I have lots of content I’d like to listen to without video. Example: news and standup comedy during commutes.

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Possibly the best fried chicken west of the Mississippi (at least these people think so). And besides, what else is there to do in the city that never sleeps?

People are in high spirits out on the strip.

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Joe Rogan on the strip.


Seen here in high spirits and understandably so, with friends and Dana (far right). If there are any fellow Tablo-ites in Vegas who would like to meet up for coffee, find me / us on the strip (Cosmopolitan). If you’d like to see more of Dana, find (a lot of) her on my Instagram or her personal one IG profile.

Getting a head start on TGIF in the city that never sleeps.

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101 DEGREES out there (on the strip), on a September day. That’s the bad news. The good news is, that I’m going to get a glimpse of some new / forthcoming Amazon product this afternoon, at the fulfillment center in North Las Vegas, through a friend who works as a product liaison.


Another piece of slightly bad news, is that North Las Vegas is a sketchy area. Three of the top 25 most dangerous neighborhoods in America are there (Balzar Avenue, area, D Street, North 28th, etc.). Flak jackets are optional.

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A balmy 67 degrees on a late October night. Just one of the reasons some people consider this a paradise (I’m one of them).

That, and a 12-ounce Wagyu Ribeye at BLT Steak. Long lines, worth the wait and keeps people off the boobtube … and another reason to have a Tablo back at home, capturing memories you’re too busy to fiddle with in real time.


The last Wagyu I had was almost the cost of a Tablo…:ox:

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About right (haha), except that Dual Lite is just $99 this week at Best Buy. Great point, hilarious, something that had not occurred to me.

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When a hotel in most cities says “complimentary breakfast” you generally get what you pay for. In Vegas, “Room with Breakfast” means steak and eggs!


This town is fantastic, the people are fantastic, the hotels and casinos are staffed by excellent folks. And the breakfasts are great (thank you Bellagio).

@MarkKindle Not quite “wagyu” but it’ll do until dinner.


Being a hockey fan, I wonder how it feels to take in an NHL hockey game in Vegas? I’ll bet the NFL Oakland Raiders can’t wait to move into their new Vegas digs…

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A hockey team In Vegas seems almost like blasphemy. But then again, they have hockey in Florida these days. The Raiders will be having a lot of fun and I’m sure they’re contributions to the Clark County Sheriff’s police blotter will be as meaningful (and frequent) as those they make to the Vegas sports scene. Also certain they’ll bring thousands of bay area residents in for home games.

They have a Tablo Dual Lite in the Best Buy vending machine at the airport (wasn’t there before)! Funny stuff, thank you Las Vegas. It’ cold and cloudy with scattered rain in this jewel of the desert.

Don’t think I’ll be finding time for Tablo, but interested in seeing if they have them in stock at Fry’s later.

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Pls to be taking a picture!

I’ll see if I can snap one on my way back.

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Say hi to Frank, Dino and Sammy for us…:business_suit_levitating:

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I don’t know where you are that you are getting ‘scattered’ showers. Here in the North side, we have been getting constant rain since before I got up at 7AM (backyard had BIG puddles, so it had to be going for awhile). I know I’ll get no sympathy, but I’m getting sick and tired of all the rain and cold (for Vegas) temps. I left Ohio to avoid that crap! :wink:

It’s clear on the strip, supposed to be dry for at least the next two days or so.