One week in, pretty happy so far

For what it’s worth, I thought I would post my Tablo experience in case it’s of help to other users.

When Tablo first came out years ago, I was looking to dump Tivo as I liked the feature set of Tablo better. Upon receiving one of the original Tablo two tuner models, I found it was unable to tune in several stations that the Tivo had no problem with. I tried adjusting the antenna with no improvement. That Tablo was kinda clunky and very slow overall, at least in my view. Back it went.

Tivo made some feature improvements and I was somewhat happy with them until Rovi really started taking hold of the company. Poor customer service, internet problems that actually slowed my Tivos to a crawl for about 10 days, tuner degradation (I thought maybe it was my antenna, but see below), etc. In any event, I’m not knocking the Tivo users, just relating what pushed me away from Tivo. They do have some nice features, and if you’re a channel surfer, it’s a better fit. I like the feature set of Tablo more.

So with the Tablo Dual Lite coming out, I figured I would take another look. I’m glad I did as now the Tablo pulls in more channels than my Tivo. In fact, another reason I was unhappy with Tivo was one channel was always borderline and it was one I watched frequently. The Tablo locks that one in and also is strong enough to pick up some sub channels I want, but couldn’t think of the Tivo getting. I’m not much of a channel surfer, I find I watch DVR TV 95% of the time. I can live with Tablos slower channel tuning for that 5%.

My bottom line is that Tablo now gets a very good signal and for me, that’s what watching TV is about… ah… being able to watch it! lol Looking forward to further improvements and enjoyment of Tablo.


So tell us all about your setup. What type of router. Are you using the Ethernet port? And what brand and model of hard drive?

Love to hear the details. :slight_smile:

South Louisiana… great, now I’m starving!

LOL - we just dodged a tropical storm bullet tonight (Gordon) … headed just east of us - Pensacola and Biloxi are getting the brunt of the ‘misery’ … but it was a good practice run to get all our hurricane prep ducks all lined up for the next one.

However, boiled crabs are in season right now and very delicious :slight_smile:

Ok, further details dmrome:

I have a TPLink AC5400. When I tested it wirelessly, it was certainly useable, just a bit slow, but wired is better (naturally). Distance from router to Tablo at the time was about 40 feet and thru 2 walls on one level. I was really just testing it in case I wanted to add another Tablo for extra recording capability. I have since hooked it up via ethernet. Using an WD elements 1TB hdd, seems to work just fine.