"One-Shot" scheduled recordings disappearing

Overall I am extremely happy with our Tablo. However, I have noticed something recently.

So I thought it was just an oddity before, but this morning after connecting and getting a “sync”, several of what I call ‘one-shot’ scheduled recordings disappeared from my schedule. I have the lifetime sub, and I’ve yet to see a series recording disappear. Just ‘one-shots’.

To be more clear, this past weekend I scheduled several movies to record–Pelican Brief, Courage Under Fire, Highlander, a couple of others. They have yet to air, but when I was reviewing my scheduled recordings this morning, all of those were missing. They had not been recorded, had not aired yet, just…gone from the schedule. I had no Conflicts (I check that tab frequently) and I was looking at “All” scheduled recordings.

I went in and re-added them and they’re showing up fine now. What could be causing these scheduled recordings to ‘drop’ like this? I am certain this happened once before, so I am pretty certain it is not related to the new firmware. Any ideas?

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That also happened to me the last few days. I had to reschedule a lot of movies.

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Interesting. One thing I thought of was that I did all the scheduling in this case through my iPhone.

It wasn’t just movies either–I scheduled a recording of the pilot of ‘Blindspot’ because I wasn’t sure if we’d like it or not, so I just did the one shot recording. It was gone this morning, too.

I use a chrome browser on windows 7.

Ok, well that’s out then. Was just looking for a common factor.

@Hado_Ken - Others have noticed this as well. While we’re taking a look at this issue internally, try toggling the recording indicator on and then off. This seems to correct the problem in the meantime.

I had set up the Late Show with Cobert to only record this week’s episodes, and it didn’t record last night. It also didn’t have any of the others set up either.

I also didn’t have my Titans game set up to record anymore, so I set that back up.

Hopefully this is just a temporary glitch, though I will keep my eye on my schedules.

Thank you, I appreciate your efforts. I went in and set the recordings again. They’re movies so I just need the one recording event. Do you mean to toggle the recording on, back off, and on again? They were already ‘off’ before I took action. Literally as though I’d never scheduled them, but I certainly did.

Ok, so this is even weirder. I checked all recordings this morning before leaving the house, fixing the ones I knew were missing. Just checked remotely, and I had forgotten I had scheduled one for my wife (Upside of Anger.) The reason I was suddenly reminded of it was that it has magically reappeared on my scheduled list even though I did not re-do its schedule and it was not there this morning.

Weird stuff.

This is not knew to the upgrade to 2.2.2. I reported this on the upgrade to 2.1.30 and probably the release before 2.1.30.

It’s pretty easy to reproduce. Have a number of record all, record all new scheduled programs as well as a number of single program record programs. After the firmware upgrade verify that the schedule is still in place. Then go into the settings menu and do a manual guide update. Poof - all that’s left in the scheduled recording menu are record new and record all.

Since guide update takes place overnight that’s when it usually disappears.

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So I just did this to test what you said.

  1. I scheduled a one off recording
  2. Updated the guide
  3. Went to check the show and it is still scheduled

So I am wondering what is different than what you are seeing?

I just tested as well. It did not lose all single scheduled recordings, but it did lose a movie and a boxing event. That’s kinda frustrating.

I suggest you guys open tickets with support. I certainly did not see this, but I also do not want to, so work with support to make sure I don’t :stuck_out_tongue:

I have 2 2-tuner tablos. This has happened on both of them for at least the last 2 firmware upgrades. For the upgrade to 2.2.2 firmware one tablo got the updated 2 days before the other. The first upgrade happened in the middle of the day. The next morning the “one” scheduled recordings were all gone. Just like the previous firmware upgrade. And the guide was updated overnight.

So for the second tablo I upgraded the firmware in the middle of the day. After the reboot I verified that all the scheduled recordings remained. They did. So I manually updated the guide. I switched to the scheduled menu. The tablo was still syncing. I could actually watch them disappear.

I only use the WEB app via chrome to manage the tablo (never remotely) - at least until roku gets full functionality.

Not to pile on, but I also did zippy’s test and did not lose any single scheduled recordings

I’ll let the others open a ticket since I already reported this problem around 5 months ago.

I’ll outline my setup. I have 2 2-tuner tablos. They received the 2.2.2 firmware update 2 days apart. Both tablos have some record new programs scheduled as well as 15-20 record once programs.

The first tablo to be upgraded had the scheduled record once programs missing the next morning after the overnight guide update.

So for the second tablo firmware update, after the firmware update and reboot I verified that all scheduled programs remained. I then did a manual guide update via the settings menu. Immediately after it finished I switched to the scheduled programs menu. During the switch I could see that the tablo was still syncing. In the recording menu I could actually watch the record “once” programs disappear.

I only use the chrome WEB app to manage the tablo. But both the roku and web app thought they were gone. And I had no problem re-entering the programs into the schedule. Just like the 2.1.30 upgrade.

Of course I find it more amusing then annoying.

When you reported this did you open a ticket?? Was it resolved?

Just because something is reported in these forums does not mean it has been worked on via Tablo

@TabloTV any response on this one??

I think I talked about it the 2.1.30 firmware update thread.

As I said I find it more amusing then annoying. I spent over 42 years in software R&D designing operating systems and database software. So I’ve seen problems that over 24 hours cost companies more revenue then tablo would generate in 5 years.

This is the first time I’ve ever had an issue with my Tablo, so I didn’t open a ticket. I probably should, though they did post in this thread they were aware of the issue. I guess I wanted to make sure it wasn’t user error or a common problem first. I’m a tech guy, my first instinct is Google-fu and forum diving.

If you want to know about another tablo database metadata problem:

I live in zip 92128. On Sept 5th there were 5 OTA NCAA football games. One week before Sept 5th I scheduled games 2 and 3 one one tablo and games 4 and 5 on the second tablo. Every morning games 4 and 5 were gone but 2 and 3 were in place. So I would re-schedule 4 and 5 again. Next morning they were gone. This continued until the tablo recorded them Sept 5th.

For these 2 events the tablo was in metadata hell.