"One-Shot" scheduled recordings disappearing

I’ve noticed that the one shot recordings disappear if their description is updated. For example, I had Colbert scheduled to record tonight. I set the recording a few days ago. At the time, only one guest was listed. Because I’ve had one shot recordings disappear in the past, I know I have to double check the schedule the day of. So I checked this morning, and saw that The Late Show was no longer scheduled. When I looked up the description, an extra guest had been added.

I’d much rather the Tablo record a show when the description changes. Then, worst case, I have an episode recorded that I didn’t want, rather than not having an episode I did want.

I remember this topic was brought up back in December, and @TabloSupport’s workaround was to set a series recording and deselect the episodes I didn’t want to record. I really wish this would get fixed soon, as I have to pay a lot more attention to my scheduled recording list than I would like.

This has been fixed in 2.2.2 so once you ‘re-set’ the recordings this time they should stick moving forward.

I just experienced the issue this morning with a recording I scheduled over the weekend (Late Show airing tonight). I specifically noticed that the guests listed in the show description had changed between the time I had scheduled it and when it disappeared. I had also checked periodically to make sure the show stayed scheduled. It was there until this morning. This was also the first time I saw the updated description.

@jeallen1 - That’s a slightly different issue. That’s a problem when the metadata for an episode changes after it’s been scheduled. We have a fix for that for the next server release. If you’re interested in getting in on the beta for that when the time comes, send a note to support@tablotv.com and give them your MAC address (from the bottom of your unit) as well as the list of devices you have available for testing.

That’s great news! I have been in the beta program (for Tablo firmware and the Fire TV stick), but I never received 2.2.2 until the public roll out. I sent a couple private messages to Tablo support about not getting the 2.2.3 beta and never got a response. Should I resend my MAC address?

Try again. The administrator of our beta programs is quite busy so you may have slipped through the cracks.