Omit specific genres in "All" TV programs

Seeking a way to get rid of infomercials and standard newscasts in my “All” feed. Possibly more than one way this might be done.

  1. Ability to "omit’ genres in the “All” TV Shows Categories. Perhaps I want to see every TV show genre in my “All” except “Consumer” and “News”.

  2. In the genre tab, ability to apply a filter “hide genre in all categories” That way whether I’m in the “All”, “New”, “Premiering” etc. I can just completely get rid of “Consumer” (i.e. infomercials)

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Maybe the menus can be made customizable.

In TV Shows, I never use All, Search, or Genres. Just Premiering and Channels. Or Search, Genres, or Ratings in Movies.

This is where #tablo-apps:third-party-apps-plex come in… to pick up where tablo leaves off. Of course request, request, request that’s what it’s here for.

APL Tablo Client has lots of customizable filtering and sorting options. It runs in a GUI, but doesn’t have all the graphics. Using a java environment, it’s platform independent - Windows/Mac/Linux.

I believe it’s the only 3rd party app with scheduling function.

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As @djk44883 says, with my app you have the ability to add either genre or specific show names to a block list, and it no longer shows up in the show list, I created the feature for just such need!

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I often also use channels, but some of these sub-channels have a few great classic shows and 75% infomercials to scroll past.

I’ll have to try this. Does this work in both Windows and Linux?

Yes, it is completely cross platform

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If anyone else is interested in this feature within Tablo natively when viewing the guide, it’s survey time (just sayin’) :slight_smile:

I’m on board. I put that I want to filter out infomercials from the guide filters.