Offline Viewing

Will there be an update to the App, where you can download a recording to the ipad for offline viewing. TIA

It’s extremely unlikely, since they have a subscription service tied to remote connect, but that’s just a guess. There are several options to choose from provided by 3rd party independent developers.

here’s some options -

My best estimate is Neveruary. Save the date lol

But seriously, no one knows and Tablo doesn’t have a timeline for feature requests. People have been asking for this feature for 5 years now. I would much prefer Tablo Connect (remote viewing) for the Roku as the next big thing.

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Maybe after all filters are in all app. All apps have all current features. Features required to match the competition, etc. Numerous other feature requests.

Probably after the last ATSC 1.0 lighthouse broadcast is turned off.