NVIDIA Shield and deleting DVR recordings?

I’ve got an NVIDIA Shield TV that I use with my OTA antenna. Up until recently, I used the Tablo Preview app on it, and have now switched to the Tablo app, since that’s what Tablo advised. Now, occasionally, I cannot delete a DVR recording. What happens is that I do the “Delete”, and I get the circling wait cursor forever. To get out of that, I press “Back”, and then I see an “X” in place of the episode in the episode list. At the moment I have 4 of these “X”'s, and would like to know how to get rid of them.

I think that I’ve found a solution that’s unacceptable to me, but provides a workaround. Just cable up the Roku that I used to use, and bring up the Tablo app on it. That takes care of the problem, but is a lot of time and trouble finding things, unboxing, uncabling and then cabling up the Roku. Then going through the reverse process. Not acceptable, there should be a way to delete DVR recordings on the Sheld without having to use my old Roku.

What this really says to me is that the Tablo Preview app wasn’t ready for prime time at the point that it became the Tablo app.

Anyone found a way to get rid of DVR recordings that can’t be deleted for some reason?


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