Nuvyyo new owners

That new website makes more sense now. Nuvyyo was acquired by the E.W. Scripps Company.

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I don’t think it was much of a secret. How did that affected the CS feature. I’m sure Scripps wouldn’t like having it’s commercials removed.

For the quarterly period ended March 31, 2022


Hi folks -

We can confirm that Scripps acquired Nuvyyo.

Since its inception, Tablo has always evolved to meet the changing needs of TV viewers. We will continue to evolve in a customer-focused way.

Our long-term plans, which we will reveal later this year, will create an improved experience for new and existing Tablo users.

Thank you so much for your support over the last 9 years. We can’t wait to share the details of what’s ahead with all of you!


You’re always teasing us. Can’t wait to see what you’re up to!

You have to careful what you wish for.

Depending on your point of view it could be either julie andrews running in a field of flowers from the Sound of Music or the fight scene from Kill Bill Vol 1.

I’d be sad to part ways but we have options if this doesn’t work out.

Changes like this make me nervous. I prefer the smallish company there were before without a lot of big bad corporate oversight. Time will tell, and hopefully the products and services remain the same or get better.


Agree! I hardly think that Scripps purchased Nuvyyo only to let them keep on doing business as usual with no changes.

It’s hard to imagine that things will become more consumer friendly under Scripps. I see in the SEC filing that two major revenue streams are Advertising and Retransmission. The latter is essentially charging cable/pay tv providers to carry the networks (the ones that many can get for free OTA), but the former is curious. Having an OTA DVR with commercial skip capabilities does seem to conflict.

I wonder if it will be pretty quiet until ATSC 3.0 really is ready. As many have said, time will tell if this will be a cord cutter friendly move with low costs and consumer control. I’m more doubtful now than I was before, unfortunately.

I would have loved to have gotten that long promised Android mobile app refresh that dropped the old sync requirement, but that’s probably wishful thinking now too.

Hoping to eat my hat!

Automatic commercial skip is already closed to new users. Honestly I’ve been considering cancelling it anyway because I’ve never been happy with it.

My predictions for ATSC 3(not just Tablo):

The new 3.0 standard could potentially stop the user from fast forwarding through commercials even on recordings. Some programs won’t be eligible for recording. Some recordings will expire after a set time frame. Monthly fees to skip commercials on recordings with prices similar to streaming. The user experience for commercial skip will be much better though. Broadcast TV will likely be a lot more like Hulu with ads or Pluto TV. With DRM they can potentially enforce it across all DVRs. Obviously there will be ways around the DRM but that’s illegal in most places. ATSC 3 is a convergence of broadcast TV and the internet. The two will become nearly indistinguishable when your TV has an internet connection. Some content will always be free but there will be paid content and upgrades.

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The FCC might make a finding for docket 22-47 on the ATSC 3.0 substantially similar rule (and other items) by the end of march.

Until official word comes out, all we are doing is working ourselves up into a frenzy. Speculation rarely leads to the truth…

Let’s ask ChatGPT!

I could care less about the “substantially similar” rule. But it seemed that the FCC expressed some displeasure in a number of other areas in 22-47.

You plan to achieve a return on your shareholders investment. Next year you need to increase profits over the previous year. Long-term, just making a profit isn’t enough… increase. That’s how publicly traded giant American corporations function. There’s $14M in profits to recoup.

It’ll may be gradual and blended with other features to shadow things. There’s a reason there was no public media announcement when the acquisition was made. That kind’a seems obvious.

Tablo isn’t a monopoly. The long term plan must include happy customers to make happy shareholders. We have other options and Tablo must compete for our business.

If you are interested in ATSC 3.0 and DVR your options will probably be limited. Once broadcsters turn on DRM the crypto keys need to be burned/baked into the hardware. Software only solutions such Plex could be toast.

It’s sales, sales, and sales. You don’t have a customer until you make a sales… then you’ve already got your profit. Analytical marketing can overcome grumpy customers to continue promoting sales.

There are limited OTA DVR options. Consumers are often unhappy with cell service, yet they continue. Many still use the evil cable company, now unhappy with the internet service, they continue. Sounds like there isn’t a single customer happy the the airlines, yet they continue to sell tickets.

Profits yield marketing, data mining makes for targeted ads. I don’t believe any regular user on Tablo Community forum fits any typical consumer demographic… so it’s unlikely you’ll fit this.

One time sales are no longer the primary profit drivers. Subscriptions are the future. It’s even hit the car market with companies trying to make heated seats and remote start a subscription service. To maintain customers you need a good product and a good service.

I won’t speak for other Tablo users on the forum but you and I agree on this. I’m considering moving away from Plex because of the data mining even though I have a “lifetime” Pass and replacing my smart TV devices with DIY devices. I may even de-Google my primary phone. I already have phones using Gapps replacements. I’m a little tired of Amazon and Roku looking over my shoulder when I watch Netflix and sick of Google watching over my shoulder when I do everything else. The biggest problem is companies can’t protect the data they collect. The best way to protect yourself from breaches is limiting the data they have.

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Netflix and most of the other streaming services have DRM and yet PlayOn exists. I actually wonder if the inability to change keys might be a flaw in the system because keys can be dumped and stolen. Someone will be doing it under the flag of “fair use” and “time shifting”. Yet another reason these companies need to give us a good service.