Nothing but problems complete waste of money

I don’t think anyone should be ditching anything they love and rely one… just be open to other ideas that might be helpful in other ways. Every device will outperform another in its own way.

I love my LG TV, but webOS sucks harder than you can imagine! The apps it does have are reliable and stable, but in this case, I have an overpowered device plugged in just to use two apps! (I use other apps on the stick, but if I grab the TV remote first, I use the internal version instead.)

You’re totally right. I can’t see Tablo just giving up on the Roku version. So many rely on it and it’s been a pretty dependable device for years. I think there’s too many Roku models for them to snap their fingers and say, “This works!” I’m still for a cut-off list. (“TabloTV will work on X device and newer”)

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Market size has a lot of influence on marketing decisions. It appeared that Tablo was going to prioritize the Apple products first. I believe the marketing folks saw that the Android market is at least 3x bigger than the Apple market and gave it priority. The same applies to Roku. They probably looked at the number of downloads of the legacy apps for each platform to get an idea of the relative size of each market.


I’ve heard the term “Fast Channel” being used on this discussion board…What is a Fast Channel?? Thanks!

Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV.

There are a lot of them spread out among many platforms, so if you have any kind of smart TV, you will get some. The 4th gen Tablo has 30+ of them, and you can record them.

Mine works great with Firestick 4K…

But…What is a Fast Channel?

Here is the list of those on the Tablo: 4th Generation Tablo Free Ad-Support Streaming TV Channels (FAST) List – Tablo (

Try google

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What’s google?

It’s a coffee drink only found at the end of the universe.

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It’ll cost you a 42 or a splat.

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There’s your solution to figuring out why you don’t know anything about Tablo… Try pouring coffee into the backside of your tablo… and please keep your tablo fails to yourself…

Update to my previous post: Got a Firestick 4K said it is a gen. 3 . Hooked up with an Amazon ethernet adapter been 1 day now and no problems with Tablo app. shutting down or kicking you back to Firestick. I like the Roku interface look and feel better than Firestick but the fact that so far it seems to work with no problems makes it far superior. So for now my fix for the Tablo not working with Roku is switch to an Amazon fire steaming device…

I agree with @269587. A lot of my issues were of my own doing. It’s one thing to reach out to the community for help, it’s another to not accept the help. This is a great community and everyone is willing to help. It’s known their are Roku issues…I’ve had few issues with Google TV, more with Roku but have cleared up most of my issues. Where is your antenna? What antenna are you using? Have you tried using an app to point your antenna? My antenna is in my basement only because I won’t go on my roof or my attic…I bought an amplified antenna from Amazon for $40 works just fine in my basement unless the weather sucks but that’s all antennas.


Glad that you stayed with the Tablo and got it working acceptably. The other platform that you can switch to for the time being is the Chromecast with Google TV (4K only)…or the Walmart Onn Google TV box.

Also, just read a posting from Tablo that they think that they have a fix for Roku problems, and will be working on deploying it. Along with working with Roku to make the fix more permanent.

Reading of all the issues with the Gen 4 Tablo makes me glad I got the legacy Quad when I did.

I share your frustration! I have used Table 4th Gen for about one month and am past the return period, or I would send it back. I ave it hooked to an Anton 800sbs antenna (which works great when it is directly attached to my tv and dies not go through tabloid device. I DO NOT HAVE the issues with live tv when it is not going thru Tablo 4th Gen Device.

When I first used Tablo device, it was via brand new latest version Roku Ultra, purchased brand new to use with Tablo 4th Gen. Numerous problems with it: 1) kicking out of Tablo and reverting to Roku home every ten minutes or so; 2) kicking off because not able to get video or audio and presenting Retry option; 3)
stating signal was too weak; 4) continued buffering. While using the Roku Ultra, I updated software on Roku and Tablo. Also cleared cache and data, and de even uninstalled Tablo tv and started over. None of these fix-it attempts worked,.

After contacting Tablo customer service (which was obviously offshore and really hard to understand), I purchased the latest Amazon fire cube (not stick but cube)!!

Since that purchase and hookup, I have experienced the same problems with Table 4th Gen that I experienced with Roku Ultra!!

My recommendation: purchase Tivo and use your live TV antenna with another recording device other than Tablo. They appear to be unable to fix the glitches that exist with 4th Gen product!! This product has cost me more money than I ever expected to spend: new more powerful live tv antennas (2); two Roku Ultra cubes; two Fire TV cubes, Tablo 4th Gen device. All of which do not work with Tablo 4th Gen device!!

My next move is to respond to post re Class Action against Tablo. This product sucks and Tablo sells it and advertises without disclosing extensive problems with the product!!!