Nothing but problems complete waste of money

So many issues with tablo just crap!! No apple tv app I was just trying to watch the nfl playoffs it cut the game in 3 files and I cant fast forward any of them. Last weeks rescheduled nfl I wasnt able to record. And so many other issues I wasted my money on the pos I am dumping it it on ebay and taking a hit on it going hdhomerun avoid tablo at all cost you been warned other issue is the roku app crashes I could go on forever

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What steps have you taken to relieve some of your problems? What has Tablo Support suggested?

The splits could be anything from a poor signal to a slow or underpowered hard drive.

The AppleTV app has said coming soon on the website for months and should not have been the reason you purchased the product. Yes, the Roku app has been a rough point in the system but there are other ways to view the Tablo.

I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy your DVR, but I haven’t seen you try to resolve any of your issues. To come on and complain when users are doing everything in their power to help get the product up and running is unfair.

What have you done to share your experience and any tricks you’ve discovered?


I have been trying its just a pos I can’t stand it anymore

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The trick is to not buy one I cant return it now I wasted $80 I will just trash this thing I just dont want other people to deal with this non sense

So if it’s such a POS, why not tell Tablo or other users what you went through and experienced that didn’t work?

If you didn’t contact support or anyone on this forum for help, how can your problem get solved?

What made you choose the Tablo over a cheap $40 PVR from Walmart? If all you wanted to do was record OTA, you certainly would have saved a ton of money!


Some user don’t have all of your problems. Maybe there is a reason.


Some users

I stated my issues in my post I am done with dealing with crap

I think zippy’s point was that we don’t know anything about your setup or what may be causing your problems because you didn’t ask for help. Could it be a faulty product? It’s possible. Coming in after the fact doesn’t do any good to anyone. You can sell your device and be done with it, but no one (especially you) has benefited from your lack of information.

I will never say this is a perfect product. But… after changing a few things around, it works (mostly) the way I want to and 99% of the time the way it should. Several of the problems I’ve had with it has been due to my own setup.

It sounds like you’ve done a lot of trouble-shooting on your own, but this whole community is here for your support. You’ve chosen not to use it, and it’s hard to blame a problem on a product without knowing what steps you’ve taken. If it was a total POS, every person would have returned it, and this message board would be filled with thousands of users complaining and not a single complaint fixed.

People are still here to help, if that’s what you want.


I know the type of signal(lo-vhf, hi-vhf, uhf), tower direction, distance, degree of spread between towers, whether the signal is line of sight, 1-edge, 2-edge, or tropo. This determines the proper antenna and amplification.

For some reason I think fluctuating signal to noise ratios on MPGE2 transport streams affect many video players.


I once told a user to experiment by disconnecting the antenna and just use a length of coax about 4 ft long. I made that suggestion after we went thru all kinds of tests. The fact that the Tablo was located 4 miles from the antenna farm with some megawatt transmitters eventually came out. Never heard back, must have thought I was a nut.


I can see how upset you are and if I got my recordings split I’d be pretty ticked off, but the only splitting that I’ve heard people having with their recordings were with fast streaming channels and those are with channels that appear to have underlying connectivity issues. You are the first I’ve heard of anyone on the forum having it happening with ota channel which leads me to believe you might have had an issue with antenna signal reception which could have caused your issue because when Tablo sees an issue while recording, it makes multiple retry attempts to try and get the remainder of your recording before it eventually gives up and that’s when you get those splits from what I’ve seen.

If you decide you want help in trying to identify the cause or suggestions on what you might try to fix it, I’m sure there are many here that are willing to try and help you.


This thing has frustrated me for the last time I have had enough lets say its one of the worst tech products I have ever used I cant deal with it anymore I am moving on HDhomerun is much better

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I am going to the best buy site and leaving a 1 star review

Do whatever you’d like, but it still sounds like you DON’T want help.

I’m sorry things didn’t work out.

I’ve been through three of these 4th gens. Each with their own unique issue. But, I will say again, thank you forum members for your solutions. So many of you were helpful and we worked through several of them together.

ITMT, please stop wasting our time if all you want to do is complain. We really do care and want to help. Take care!


I can understand the frustration. I’ve seen new products that weren’t quite ready for prime time. I’ve had a decent experience with this tuner. My thought is that the hardware is ready for prime time and the app is not. The tuner records when it is supposed to as long as it is not a FAST channel. The buffering, the strange behavior of deleting a recording, and the app crash tells me there is a lot of debugging to do.

Check out the HD Homerun if you want. They have their own unique challenges and their guide data isn’t free. Some users there are struggling with the Roku using their apps as well.


A lot of people who complain about the Tablo 4th gen never bothered to do any research on the product, read reviews or even bothered to update to the latest sofware or firmware and then they blame the product when they are at fault.

Yes Tablo 4th gen has some issues but it is NOT ever as low as a 1 star or 2 star product.


Some people want everything to be perfect in an imperfect world. They become miserable and spread it as far and wide as they can because they enjoy the compny. We can only help so much. We just need to recognise when additional attempts to help are useless and move on.


When you buy something, you expect it to work as advertised.
The problem is it is all about money.
Products get pushed to market in an effort to beat competitors and get money coming in at the expense of the consumer, who gets a product before it should have been released.


I understand that. When I buy something, I want it to work like advertised, too. But when you buy a Transformer, like it’s advertised. If you don’t have the fortitude to figure out how to make it transform, the buying advertised item is meaningless. There’s effort. If your effort is short sided, then again, it’s meaningless.