No sound while in Tablo ap

My Tablo works in all rooms except one. In the media room, on my Sony TV, I get sound from every source except in Tablo.
On Tablo live, I have a great picture, on Tablo recordings, I have a great picture, but so sound from either.

Live TV, NetFlix, SirusXM, all play sound.

Using: the following, if needed.
TV= SONY TV XBR-55X810C, Model Bravia 4K2015
Tablo= Device 2.2.38, HTML 1.5.0 build 30004904

What do I need to change?

Do you have dolby 5.1 surround sound turn on?

And if so what tablo app are you using and does your TV have these audio specs

Audio: 5.1 channel linear PCM: 32, 44.1, 48,
88.2, 96, 176.4 and 192 kHz, 16, 20 and 24
bits, Dolby Digital and DTS
ARC (Audio Return Channel) (HDMI IN 4 only)

Sounds like you have 5.1 Surround Sound on and your tv doesn’t. I can get 5.1 sound on all my devices , except my Amazon Fire Tablet. Makes me sad.

I’m here looking for the same answer. Respondents don’t seem to read the question right. Mine worked fine before today. I made no changes, do not have surround on. Deleted app. Disconnected. Didn’t reboot Tablo because it’s fine on two other TVs.

You appear to have a different issue that the original poster. The original poster has sound working on all devices but one, and that is solved by either turning off surround sound or modifying the setup on the failing device.

Your issue is unusual. What device is failing? And while the Tablo is working on some other devices, it wouldn’t hurt to reboot it anyway to see if fixes the issue.

I thought we had the same issue. We both have multiple TVs with the Tablo app with just one with no sound.

Hi, I haven’t watched tv a lot this week but now it’s Friday and I have no sound when trying to watch pre-recorded show on chromecast android tv where it used to work in past. I disabled the surround sound in the setting an a new show recorded the audio without surround sound but look like I won<t be able to watch the previous surround recorded show on the couch. The sound works on my laptop for surround recorded show ;-(

I have the same problem as the starter of this thread, except it’s on a Samsung T24D31 TV. No audio only on Tablo app for Firestick, and just on that TV. I rebooted Quad, reset audio on both TV and app settings, turned surround sound off/on/off/rinse/repeat, uninstalled/reinstalled Tablo app 4x; still no audio on live or recorded shows.

Same firmware settings as jas80104. It started (out of the blue) about the same time as this thread. Any advice welcome.

My sound stoped working on my Google chromecast with Google TV some time around the 15th of November 2021.
However it was still working fine on my 2015 Sony android TV

After turning off recording in surround sound, my live TV and new recordings now have sound but there is no sound on any past recordings!

This really sucks, what has changed?

I have another observation but not a solution. Around early November, all recordings and live TV through Tablo app stopped playing audio on 2 devices; an older TV using Firestick and the Android app on a 2-year-old Moto Z. After I turned off “Surround Sound” AND restarted Tablo, live programs played audio, but recordings during that time still do not (and probably never will). Clearly the update during that period impacted “Surround Sound” audio recording on devices with certain traits.

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I know I used to get sound with Chromecast with Google TV through the Tablo Android TV app, but not now. I have two devices attached to two different TVs. I have the Tablo HDMI tuner if that helps. If I hook up my old MiBox S, I get perfect sound and video on the same TVs through the same Tablo app where I get no sound with the Chromecast with Google TV dongle. I tried turning Surround Sound on and off in the Tablo settings, no difference. I tried turning Surround Sound on and off on the CCwGTV, still no sound. I rebooted between changes in the settings, nothing works. Looks like the old MiBox is my only option right now.

Turning surround off will not fix past recordings, however it should fix the live TV and any new recordings.

Not for me. I have no sound in anything: live tv, recent recordings, old recordings, all silent on the Chromecast with Google TV. All work perfectly with the MiBox S. I have the OTA HDMI version. Maybe it is no longer compatible with that limited network version of the Tablo on the Chromecast. Something changed along the way. My annual guide subscription runs out tomorrow and I have canceled renewal for now.

I have the quad (wifi), I totally understand your frustration!

Have you checked to make sure your Tablo app on your Chromecast is up to date? We recently put out an update with some fixes in this area.

I even went as far as factory resetting the Chromecast with Google TV and then re-downloaded the app. Still no sound.

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I also had this problem develop in Dec 21. Previously I had sound from the Tablo DUAL HDMI on my Chromecast with Google TV. I still do not have sound. All other sources, including Table 4-Tuner continue to have sound.

Has anybody discovered the secret to getting the DUAL HDMI sound to return?

If so, please share the solution.

Many Thanks.

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