No Option To Cast (really old thread)

Need some help here and getting frustrated at the experience so far.

After getting my Tablo and getting it setup I was happy with how easy it was to get going. However viewing the content is another story.

Finding out that I can’t cast from iDevices was a real shocker but okay, moving on.

After reading alot and finding that casting is supported from Android devices I acquired an Android tablet (Samsung 7" E Lite) running 4.4.4. I installed the Tablo app, opened it up and agian NO OPTION TO CAST. It looks just like the iDevice app.

Then, after reading some more and seeing that others are saying it works just great I’m wondering what the heck is going on. My device meets the requirements. I can cast just fine from Plex, Netflix and Youtube.

So Tablo what gives?

User at wits end and about to return this thing

Chromecast is the problem.
It’s underpowered to work reliably.
I know you don’t want to hear you should spend even more money, and it makes you feel sick to even think about it.
The reality is you will save money every month you don’t pay for cable or satellite TV.
To get to that point, you need the right equipment.
To that end, Tablo works very well with the following players:
Roku 2 (2015 model) - I use this one via wireless g
Roku 3 - I use this one via wireless g
Roku 4 - I use this one hardwired
Nexus Player - Many people state this is great.
nVidia Sheid TV - Many people state this is even better than Nexus Player.

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Radojevic, thanks so much for your reply but not on topic to my post.

I completely understand that the sticks are under powered but THE OPTION SHOULD BE THERE to use it according to the vendor (Tablo) and others in the community. I’m not trying to be conceited or offensive but trying to get an answer to the problem at hand.

The 720p 3 Mbps recording quality setting used to be called “720p Roku / Chromecast”. Use that setting.

Anything higher is not designed for the sticks.

Thanks theuser86.

I have it set to that already. I read on here about the 720p Roku / Chromcast setting and got confirmation that it was renamed to that so I set it a week ago.

Again though, not really the problem. The app is not working as it should on my Android device, i.e. not giving the option to cast at all.

But again thank you for reading and responding.

Again, I appreciate your frustration.
However, “the option should be there” is a moot point.
If the option was there, it would not work well enough anyway.

Thanks, but I don’t think it’s moot at all.

The app specs says it should be there and others report it being available to them. The apps specs says that it should be there. So, saying its moot is not valid. It’s like getting a car and it not having something in there what was told to you by the salesman. You would want to know why it’s not and expect it to be made right.

The app install on an android device should have the option to cast per the app specs and vendor docs. The fact that the option is missing from mine is the point here, not how well it works. That will be for me to determine if it works well enough for my needs. The point here is that I am not even getting to make that determination cause something is messed up and the app is doing something that it shouldn’t.

It is valid.
I’m speaking from experience.
I also have Chromecast gen 1 and 2.
I can’t get either to work reliably with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, Sling TV…
So, I use Roku devices.

You’re focusing on specs.
I’m focusing on real world experience.
That’s where we differ.

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Yes, I perfectly admit that the real world experience might suck but I still need to be able to experience it for myself to make that determination. You state your apps don’t work reliably with chromecast but I have had nothing but positive experience with mine. I’ve not had any issues with Netflix, Amazon, Youtube etc.

What’s at issue here is that now to get my one device to integrate into my household I have to gut everything that is working just fine and happy when that one device is touted at being fully compatable and there are options that are not making themselves available for me to use.

I will confirm in a real world experience I have gotten the Tablo to stream to a Chromecast using an Acer Android tablet. However, the experience was crap, starting playback and resume times were long. I upgraded my router and the experience got better but still not as good as the Roku or Fire TV.

What is the router you are using anyway? Please tell me your Tablo is hard wired to your router at least.

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Netgear N4500, about 2 years old.

Yes, my Tablo is hard wired to my network.

As well, I found the biggest hindrance to streaming without buffering is the fact the 1st gen Chromecast uses only 2.4 GHz Wireless N. Your router may be all fancy and have faster 5 GHz Wireless N which works great for streaming up to 20 Mbps 1080p HD movies, but the Chromecast WiFi is the bottleneck.

As for actually having the cast option on your Tablet, open up a support ticket with Tablo they will help you through that. I’m just explaining even with the cast option, why it likely will not work well.

I feel the same way about a lot of things like that, too.
Just not this one, cuz I already went thru it.
(Mumbles to himself) Just trying to be a good parent, and protect my kids… :wink:

Your experience is atypical. I have Chromecast as well as Nexus Player. The difference in performance is dramatic. However I do get the option to cast via Chromecast with my Nexus 7 and I can’t imagine why it shouldn’t do likewise with your Samsung.
Suggest you submit a ticket and see what they can come up with before throwing in the towel.


The option is there for me on my Galaxy Tab S2.

Can you start a program and take a screen shot of what you see? Can you see the Closed Caption option or not? That is what is supposed to be by the cast icon.

I would check and see if you can cast any other apps from the tablet (youtube etc).

Also I think it’s already been said a bunch, but i’d like to echo that rokus and android TV players provide a much better experience on the TV. If your man goal is to be able to cast stuff, picking up a nexus player would be a good option. You can still cast to it as well as run local apps.

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Yes I can cast from other apps just great. Netflix, Youtube, Plex. All of them give the option and work flawlessly without issue.

I get the CC in the upper right hand corner when viewing content but nothing else. CC works when I turn it on but that’s it. Nothing else.

Did you get the app from the Play Store?

Yes, from the offical Google Play store.

@Spunky03 Can you try using the ‘cast screen’ function in the Chromecast app, and then switching to the Tablo to play live TV or a recording? Does that work as a temporary work around?