No Option To Cast (really old thread)

I’m sorry no. It does not work. It trys to connect and immediately disconnects however casting from other apps work just fine. It does give a warning when starting it saying that it might not work due to the device (possibly Android or the small factor?).

Either way, still no good.

@Spunky03 If we can get a screenshot of this error and the specs of your tablet, I can get this to our team for some investigation!

It’s been 3 weeks since case opened and no feedback or information yet. I’m not impressed with this product from a use standpoint or a support standpoint.

@Spunky03 We’ve been investigating this internally, but unfortunately we haven’t been able to reproduce what you’re seeing.

We’ve got a wide array of Android devices using Chromedcast with the Tablo app, and we’ve never had the toggle not show up.

Do you access to any other kid of Android device? It would really help if we knew this happens to all devices on the setup, or if it’s just specific to your tablet.

I am sorry to say no. My house is an Apple one and this is my only Android device purchased just for this and to the specs defined by your site.

Problem resolved by going simple. Using SurLaTablo script to extract content from Tablo and inject into my Plex media server running on FreeNAS.

Now Tablo does what it’s best at, acting like an OTA DVR unit!

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TabloSupport - Is there any resolution on this issue? I can cast to my Chromecast from Tablo with no problems from my Samsung android phone. On my Samsung Galaxy TAB 3 Lite (same as Spunky03) I can cast to Chromecast from Netflix and Google Play Movies, Google Music. When I am in Table on the Samsung Galaxy TAB 3 Lite I do not get the option to cast to my Chromecast. I purchased this android tablet for the sole purpose of being able to do this, since I have 3 children and a wife who are iOS users (and cast is not yet built into the Tablo app for iOS) Please advise on the android app and why it would not allow me to cast from the Samsung tablet as it does from my Samsung phone??

Sorry to hear you had problems back in 2016. Now in October 2019, with Chromecast as my current media streamer (and my phone as my remote), I don’t have many issues at all with casting my programming to the TVs in my home. I recognize your issue was with iDevices, and I am using 2 android phones.