No MeTV Toons schedule

MeTV Toons channel is now broadcasting. I did a rescan on my Tablo Dual Lite and the channel appears (35.8 in my case) but there’s no schedule for it. Anybody have any idea why this is the case. There’s some cartoons I would like to record.


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Same no MeTV Toons guide issue here.

The cartoons are there, but my guide shows the previous station’s info.

I am having the same problem.

I think the guide will fix itself in a few days or weeks. IIRC Tablo is not in control of what the guide shows. Tablo just furnishes to us whatever the guide provider (TV Guide?) puts out, AFAIK. If the guide is inaccurate, we are stuck with it until the guide provider fixes the problem.

Seems I have seen it recommended somewhere to delete the channel in question,rescan, then add the channel back and save it. I tried this, but it didn’t bump the Toons sched into my guide, so I will wait it out. The “guide”(as opposed to the “channel lineup”) updates automatically, correct? How often?

I expect more comments on this here since IMO the Toons channels will be popular. IIRC Antenna Man just video’d there may also be a streaming toons channel going forward in addition to the various OTA channels. I’d like that :+1:

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Same thing in the Portland OR area.
I filed a ticket asking them to contact the guide service. It might help if others in different areas did the same thing.

I did a week ago and Tablo said they couldn’t do anything cause the provider they are working with is refusing to help.

I can add the same here in Chicago for WCIU 26.7. ZAP2IT does not have that channel listed. It is listed on TitanTV and TVGuide.

I also have the samer issue with WTVK 59.4, which is BingeTV.

I used the Contact Us link to send a message to ZAP2IT for both, so hopefully they can get with Gracenote to update the database.

I’m to not getting Metv toons on Channel 51.4 for the Albany, NY Area. Been rescanning everyday and still nothing. I’m still receiving heroes and Icons on that channel. And the OTA channel guide saids that Albany is to be getting the channel as of June 25th, and still nothing

WLOO 35.5 in Jackson, Mississippi still shows the guide data info for ThisTV, which is what the subchannel used to air until 6/1.

If you are talking legacy and gracenotes guide data someone has to pump the change and new schedule to gracenotes. What does WLOO say?

There is no need to re-scan. It should start filling in once Tablo gets the data.

It populates in Phoenix, but the schedule is off making DVR useless for the time being.

I contacted Tablo support, but after getting the typical guidance to perform a rescan, I was told to try a different Zip Code, which has nothing to do with the schedule being off for the whole metro area. At that point I asked to please simply forward to the guide provider.

I don’t think the support agent with the “new” Tablo company understand the issues much of the time. Remember this in your surveys!!

Hi @Hammerhead1024 Since it’s a new channel, the guide data might not be updated immediately, but updates are typically rolled out to include new channels, so keep an eye out for those. If the problem persists, please be patient as our guide data provider works with local broadcasters to add the missing data.


Who is the guide data provider?

The OP was legacy. That has always been gracenotes. and I assume still is.

For gen 4 your guess is as good as mine.

For what it’s worth, even the pay-subscription service Channels DVR is showing empty placeholders for the new MeTV Toons channel (in Cleveland area). So Tablo is not alone in its lack of real schedule data here.


As a last resort, you can always go to MeTVTunes.Com and see the schedule there.

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In Phoenix, we have the channel, but the guide data is totally wrong. I’m thinking it’s more MeTV’s doing as I know even on their regular channel, listings could be off at times. I sent a message into MeTV (no response of course). I would recommend bombarding MeTV with such messages, maybe they will get their act together.

The Zapperbox ATSC 3 DVR has the guide working, but not my Tablo. I setup some series recordings just to see some shows on later at night. The ZB has a yearly guide cost though so maybe why.

I resulted to using my simple Digital Box to record Speed Racer by time slot. Which brings me to my point of why doesn’t TABLO offer a way to record channel by basic time and length. This way if the guide has a problem you still can record a show you are interested in.