No guide on one device in the house

I have a weird problem. The Fire TV in the living room won’t show a live tv guide. In the settings it will show no active channels. I’ve cleared the cache and data and the guide will work for a day or so. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled and it still only works for a while. The Preview app works fine and so does every other device in the house. I’m scratching my head on this. Any ideas?

Call support with Tablo in remote access mode. They can clear something. Happened to me this morning.

But was your problem on only one device? I would think if it was a problem with the Tablo, it would show on the Fire Stick in the bedroom also.

Missing QUEST is on both Tablos. I had the sync problem again today. I enabled fast starrip before sync problem started, so I unchecked it.

I don’t have any guide data on my Rokus or Fire Sticks. I’ve contacted support.

I also don’t have any guide data on both of my firesticks, laptop or phone. first noticed it today.

I was able to get the guide data by changing to a nearby zipcode and redownload guide data

I’m just trying to figure out why it doesn’t show any active channels when does show the channels selected in the settings. My Tablo works on a Fire stick, Android phone and tablet, Kodi and Windows app. It only doesn’t work on the AFTV with the Tablo app, does work with the Preview app. I had a power outage today so just deleted cache and data for the app again to get it working again.