No guide data for new Quest channel

The Quest channel launched on January 29, but I’m still not seeing any guide data. I forced a guide data download, but that didn’t help.

This is for the Denver market, channel 9-5.

Same here for Seattle area.

Did put a ticket in (about 10 days ago) and support said they would ask the guide provider to update although this is a notoriously slow process.

We have cracked the whip on getting data for Quest and re: net new stations in general.

Thanks for your patience guys!

QUEST has finally updated with guide data for me!


Oh and just so we can keep track, please do place a ticket with support and let them know your zip code and the data you’ve mentioned here.

WHEN it finally shows up for me, I’ll mention it.
It is 24.4 in Austin, so hopefully mine is on the way.

I am in the DFW market. zipcode 75070. Quest showed up o the guide after a rescan a couple of weeks ago but the guide is not populating.

Just did a refresh, but no joy

Thought I’d share with you guys how this channel addition worked on my Tivo.

When I switched the Tivo on, it informed me that new channels were available, and that it added them to the channel line-up. It then offered a menu for me to see the guide data, edit the channel line-up and a third option (I now forgot what it was). Relatively painless and slick.

No need for manual channel scans, etc.

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Got the guide data yesterday in the Seattle market.

Still missing in Austin market. What is the channel number? I’m wonderibg if they started at the lowest in which case San Antonio should have first since it is 5.4 and Austin will be who knows when with 24.4.

As of this morning, I’m still having the same issue with Quest TV. I’ve got the channel, can watch it, can manually record programs, but no guide data.
I’m in the Dallas, TX area, zip 75056.

As Tablo Support stated (somewhere in these forums), the service that provides the guide data, was not yet providing data for Quest TV.
Hopefully this will be resolved soon.


I just checked and I now have the guide data for Quest on the Buffalo NY 2.4 sub channel.

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There goes my theory since Dallas is 8.4.

They are ALL THE SAME so why not simply put them all in?

I use TitanTV and di manual recordings. TVGuide doesn’t even show 24.4. I need to check the guude on Roku.

I’m in the DFW area and the Quest TV guide appeared on my Tablo last night.

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My theory still holds true…DFW QUEST is 8.4. In Austin it is 24.4. Does anyone who has QUEST on channel 23.something or higher have guide data?
@TabloTV @TabloSupport. It started broadcasting (non info loop) on January 29.

STILL MISSING! Mathew says he notified David. Maybe David needs a trip to the guide provider. Will a month of actual programs come first or the Guide Data, No Feb 29 this year so that moves it to March 1. Surely not wait for the next Jan 29.

@TabloCEO HOW did you pick this guide provider? DOES have commercial licenses.



No Quest data here also. Ch12-4, 85283. Pls help

Does the TV Guide app have it? If so post a imiage like I did. Email if you haven’t already and include your zip code and ask Tablo to add you to the list who wants guide data for QUEST.
Maybe David or @TabloTV will say something. I don’t know when TV Guide got it, but it was recently. Perhaps tomorrow for Tablo.

Looks like not today. I was hoping since TV Guide has 24.4 that Tablo would get it with the update.

The guide data for Quest is configured with a ‘if tablo=beastman then {hide_listing}’ tag :wink: