No guide data for new Quest channel also has QUEST schedule for Austin, TX 78758.

@TabloTV that’s two besides Titantv

Hopefully soon

Guide data for Quest Ch12-4 suddenly appeared this morning! Thank You :smiley::smiley:

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My Quest for Quest has ended also.

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ROKU Whats On channel and also DO NOT have QUEST for Austin, TX or San Antonio, TX. I jyst sent them feedback. I figure the more guide services requesting the channel, the faster it woll be.


Just posted on my fb page and tagged Gracenote. Still missing today.

Mathew said QUEST is in the guide for 78758 but it IS NOT on my Tablo. I tried various things and still No.

Does anyone in Austin, TX have QUEST data on their Tablo?

Almost A MONTH since broadcast of programming started.

Maybe you are the only tablo user in your zip code and adding new channels to the guide works like updating a support ticket. Every time you post to the forum thread your zip code is moved to the end of the list.

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Mathew told me my ticket got merged into two others from Austin. I even tried changing my zip code. Strange 3 sites have it.

This is classic!

Classic would be if someone from the 78758 zip code would post saying they have had the QUEST 24-4 guide data for 3 weeks.

@TabloTV and @TabloSupport my Tablo does NOT have guide data today either for 24.4. I don’t believe the problem is Tablo however, because WHATS ON Roku channel is also STILL MISSING guide data for QUEST. If the Roku channel had guide data and Tablo didn’t, it would be a different story.

Thanks for the heads up on the what’s on channel, Beastman.

The Roku listing shows Quest but not Cozi for my zip code 37921.

@TabloTV and @TabloSupport my Tablo does not have guide data for Quest Channel 36.4 - zip code 28104.



Thanks for the link. Didn’t realize at first it was not a certified channel. Couldn’t find it using ROKU’s Search function.

Using your link was able to add the channel.


Thanks @TabloTV and @TabloSupport. I just updated the guide and I NOW HAVE QUEST data!

If you are in Austin, TX and don’t yet have guide data, update the guide. Note I did have to disconnect and connect again to get it on my AppleTV. My quest for QUEST data is now over.

But does tablo remote connection continuously work while in rehab or is reality altered by SSRIs.

Quest guide data now works. Thanks @TabloTV and @TabloSupport.