No CC Option in LG WebOS App?

[LG] webOS TV UJ6300
WebOS s/w version 5.80.30
Tablo Quad

While watching live tv or recordings that include CC both the IOS app and the web browser interface provides a CC icon below the progress bar to enable or disable the showing of the CC text. The tablo app in webos does not provide this… at least I have so far been unable to find it. Is the viewing of CC text not supported in the webos app?

Unfortunately it’s not. The LG player software doesn’t allow for it at this time.

Thanks for responding so quickly. While I searched this community for a similar question and did not find one I neglected to check the FAQ before asking here.

No worries!

If CC is critical for you, we’d suggest adding a streaming device to your LG TV. Our apps for Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, and Apple TV also receive more frequent updates and have more of these features as their platforms are much easier to develop on.

That’s disappointing, the FAQ was written in 2016 and LG is certainly one of the top selling brands out there. :frowning:

Top selling brand with a captive proprietary store often abused by apps present there.

It’s not iOS, it’s not Android, like Samsung, LG has its own personal private unshared OS and store system. This is to not conducive for business.

To make matters worse, these side line OS players deprecate (quickly) their OS versions. Believe it or not, if you have LG OLED TV, it’s possible that you have obsoleted version of WebOS.

That also doesn’t help their case as people are probably not replacing their 65" TVs every year or two.

The concept of “Smart TVs” isn’t a bad one, but vendor implementation has made it a huge mess. A really huge mess. A big hairy huge mess and waste of time. To the point that buying a whole household of top of the line Roku devices is actually cheaper in the long run.