No Answer to Support Tickets

A few months ago my Tablo started freezing about once a day. The light would remain on but it could not be accessed by any device. The hard drive stays powered up, but the reset button on the Tablo is completely unresponsive. The only way to fix it is to unplug it. Does anyone have any suggestions. Tablo has been unresponsive to help requests. If I cant get this resolved I see no other option than to abandon the platform Plex has a DVR that you can get up and running for about $100 now.

I have submitted 3 help tickets over the past month and have received no response from anyone at Tablo. I also called the help line and it went to voicemail at about 5:20 PM eastern time.

Is your Tablo in a well ventilated area?

Turn it vertically on its side to let the bottom cool better, increases surface area with the air.

Thank you, I tried that . . . same issue. I have even tried factory reseting it… no luck. It fixed it for about 2 days and the same issue came back.

I have had similar experiences with Tablo support. Days to respond, if that even happens, and usually I think you overtly get ignored.

Just keep trying this forum. It has helped with my issues.

I’m also having the exact same issue. And also the same issue with support but I started my ticket on Feb 2nd. I purchased my device in Dec 2016.

Again!! Every time you update the ticket it just moves to the back of the cue. Just sit tight and they will get to you. If you search under Support you would find:

• THE WORST WAY TO SPEED UP SUPPORT: Sending a Follow-Up Email
While it might be tempting to send a follow-up email if you’re waiting to hear from us, our support system works on a ‘first in, first out’ queue. If you send multiple messages before receiving a response from our team, it will reset your position in the queue and it could take even longer for us to respond to your support request.


But I hope there is some consideration when you are replying to a request from them. Otherwise, an infinitely long loop.

i think they have only one customer support guy that has one good eye and types with one finger…

You will most likely be happier paying Dish or Direct large sums of money every month! ( for even less support):grinning:

@PeteSchweaty @VipeNess - Checking on the status of both of your tickets. (Assuming you used the same email that you registered for the forum when you placed the tickets.)

UPDATE: @PeteSchweaty - The team sent you a note this morning.

@VipeNess - They’ll be getting to you soon. Definitely a case of replying before we get back to you. As mentioned above that will push you to the back of the line, so always best to wait for the team to touch base. We usually respond to all messages in 1 business day if you give us a chance!

I have had a ticket outstanding for over a week. I send an email, they respond days later. I then respond almost immediately, but they respond days later.

How does this work? Wash/Rinse recycle? Wash/Rinse recycle?..

Still open. I put it in remote access mode tonight. It will freeze up at some point tomorrow, so someone needs to look at it pretty quickly. Thanks

When you factory reset your Tablo previously, did you follow the procedure linked below? It is a convoluted process.


Hope the logs help them figure it out for ya.

There is a known issue with the firmware for some people, to be fixed soon hopefully. See the thread below, last post. This may be your issue.

I had that going on for weeks…they would tell me they would down grade the firmware and it would flash for days…I gave up.

I still can’t use tablo on my LG smart TV…maybe one day

Clowns. Here is the only direct message I have got from support. If I answer it I go to the back of the queue, right?

[Quote]Hi there,

I just wanted to follow up with you regarding your Tablo support ticket. We haven’t heard from you in a couple of days.

Please contact us if you need anything or have any questions!


Tablo Support
Monday-Friday 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM ET[/quote]

@fcorona76 - This is an automated message we send when we have not received a reply from you. I believe the team is waiting on your confirmation that your unit is in remote access mode. We have resent our email with instructions on how to do this, so please do reply.