NFL Games Missing From guide

@snowcat Can you put your 4th gen into remote access mode for us when you get a chance? We’d like to check the logs to see why the game failed to be scheduled.

@TabloTV I just put it in remote access mode

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Is this something that was fixed in roku release 8.4. This was occurring for NCAA footbal on Fubo for months.

Wow. On my legacy devices I had 4 NFL games that were marked as TDA because one or both teams were unknown. I had gone into the schedule and marked them to record. Now today they were all unmarked because the scheule has been updated to reflect both teams.

Been working like this on legacy for many years. Marking TBD and TBA to record can be a useless exercise once the actual schdule is delivered.

It sure is disappointing to hear the guide data is correct on legacy devices, but not the “new and improved” 4th gen. This needs to change. I’ll check again in a couple of days to see if it’s resolved. I’ll also pay attention to this thread to see if anything is figured out. Thanks to everyone’s input up to this point.

YW. Sounds like you’re doing all that you can do as well.

For my sake, I hope you let us know if/when the game shows up. (I have no intention of watching/recording it, but it’s good to know when things are up and running properly again.)

I live on the west coast. I don’t think the Big 3 networks broadcasting NFL have to worry about small market situations. If the team has a big enough fan base they will broadcast it. Even if the team isn’t going to the playoffs. Out of market teams could have a larger viewer ship in some markets.

But I do have to go into the schedule and remark these games at end of NFL,MBL,NBA playoff seasons.

We do pay for that data on the legacy Tablos. We don’t for the 4th gen.

I’d pay a few bucks a month to get the right guide information, properly working FAST channels (no splits, no fails, no “Weak Signal”)…

The customer pays. It’s just bundled into the MSRP or the sales price. No company has a business plan that doesn’t account for known costs like a guide. They wouldn’t be in business long.

True, but there have to be compromises made between a paid and a “free” product. This issue is one of those compromises.

We are lucky the FTC isn’t suppose to view it that way. Or else it would very easy for some companies to undercut the competitions real cost and put them out of business.

This is true. But, that was Tablo’s decision.

Good news: The Bears/Packers game is listed under Sports.
Bad news: It won’t let me record it.

I guess I’ll try again tomorrow.

I’ve seen that for non-football games. It’s as if some upper layer of guide info is present but the full info is needed to schedule a recording. You can hammer the record button forever and it never changes. But haven’t found any info on how the guide update takes.

Seems like things are slowly updating. I still don’t have the Packers game (same data as before), but Saturday’s NFL listings are showing up under Sports finally.

I just have NFL scheduled with all events recording and when I go inside it shows this.

I don’t try and schedule a recording of individual events because this seems to work. I do the same with NCAA.

This does mostly work, just at the cost of “recording everything”, and if there’s a conflict… etc… and remembering to delete to manage space, etc…

I do check for conflicts resolve them but those are usually a very few and sometimes extend some games in case they go into OT

Yep, I always extend. But I’m also selective (I just follow one NFL team). So, don’t have to worry much about conflicts in my case. But occasionally do have to wait for “detail” to come in on the game. So I always check my recording schedule as close to time of event as possible.