Newdisk taking along time

My disk died and I got a WDElements8 TB. It is taking forever to format. How long should it take?

disk was formatted NTFS. I used WDQuickFormatter and made it not for Windows, tried iagain in Tablo and it formatted.

@TabloTV How do I remove the index of all my old recordings?

Apparently, the nightly update will remove them. I did delete all mine before replacing with 4TB drive. Hard Drive upgrade leaves old programs being displayed - Support & Troubleshooting - TabloTV Community

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Overnight maintence did NOT delete them. I called support. They said there is no way they can do it. Isuggested adding a DELETE ALL option. She said she would pass it on to the Engineers. Deleatng show by show works, but I have so many to delete. I hope delete all option gets added soon.

Tablo Tools can be your friend. It supports ‘Bulk Actions’ including deleting.

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Is there a way to delete everything? I don’t mean one show at a time.

Note no recordings. Just the list of recordings. Old disk not readsble

Glad I took the time and trouble to delete before drive swap then.

Have you tried full reset like the op did in link? How to Factory Reset your Tablo When Using USB/SATA Storage – Tablo (

I have protected recordings. how can I delete them?

I don’t want to have toset it u[again.

I have not used the bulk delete but it looks like this feature in Tablo Tools does what you want.

Tablo Ripper is a good tool for deleting too. I’ve bulk deleted shows and it can delete protected recordings. With Tablo Ripper the trick is to left click on the first recording you want to delete then hold the “Shift” key well left click the last recording. That will highlight everything in between the two. Then right click and select delete.

Whatabout if recording was protected? I ended up deleating use I ng Tablo app on AppleTV

Yes, it deletes those to.