Hard Drive upgrade leaves old programs being displayed

After testing a quad networked Tablo and loving its functionality, 2 weeks later I decided to upgrade the 1 TB SATA drive to a 2 TB drive thinking it is okay to lose a few test programs. So Tablo knew it needed to format new drive and did it fine, then I noticed the old show information still showed up under recordings from original drive, which is now wrong…since new hard drive is formatted and blank! Then I find out unit won’t delete those shows since they don’t exist on new drive. Tablo says those programs are listed though. Does anyone know how to delete those nonexistent shows??

A factory reset of the Tablo should clear that up.

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Another option is to temporarily put back the original drive, delete the old programs and swap back.

Tablo does some overnight cleanup which may help too.

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An FYI, the data “about” the shows is stored internally. So it didn’t go with the drive.

It’s been noted overnight maintenance mode will clean up orphaned entries.

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I hope so will be doing same soon myself but, took the whole 4 weeks to check out. On related not how much memory does ota dual lite have?

Putting in original drive and trying to delete shows did not appear to work, it took forever to get a response on each show. Then it still looked like programs were shown. Following the factory reset procedures actually fixed issue, although any scheduled recordings were lost as well. Thanks for all the help everyone!