Newbie questions

I have just bought a used SPVR2-01-na Tablo. I have a few questions:
What format is the usb hdd (FAT NTSC or ??)
How can I transfer mp4 videos from another hard drive to the Tablo ( want to have all the videos in one place if possible)
When I originally set the Tablo up, it connected to my network with WIFI. I want to use the Cat 5 cable instead. How do I change this?
Not all channels seem to show up on the guide. What I mean is that the channels are listed, but no information is shown.
Anyway, thanks for your help!

ext3 I think. It’s a Linux format.

You can’t. You can take them off the Tablo and put them in something else (like Plex), but not the other way.

Just plug it into Ethernet. You might need to reboot it, but I’m not sure.

Did you wait 24 hours for the guide to completely update? If not, and the guide just doesn’t know about those channels, try a nearby zip code with a larger population center. Sometimes the guide provider doesn’t have all the channels for a specific zip code. If that doesn’t work, submit a support ticket with your zip code and the channels list so that the Tablo team can report it to the guide provider.

Thanks for the help!
You stated that I could mover recordings FROM the Tablo to something else, How do O do that?

ext4 - there’s more than just Windows out there!!

You could copy them, but this wouldn’t do what you’re hoping. tablo keeps a DB of it’s recordings and would have no way of organizing them. You could, however, use a 3rd parry app to convert tablo’s recording to mp4s and save them elsewhere.

Defiantly! personall I prefer the stability of a wired connection. You might be able to just plug it in, delete the tablo from your app and re-scan. I’m not the one to answer this, I’ve always plunged mine in. If it doesn’t go well, and you don’t get an answer try looking here

Ok, now for some clarity. You mean guide in Live TV? It may depend or what app as to trouble shooting. Have you click update guide in settings? In the web app I have seen this and disconnected, clicked the [X] and re-synced with the tablo.

Happy OTA DVR’n with your new device!

Look in this forum, all the tools for this have threads there:

Personally, I use SurLaTablo in cron jobs on a Mac. If you’re a GUI app type, there’s several there of those to chose from.

I’ve used Tablo Ripper for many years and use it to copy my recordings to my Plex server.

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You People are a fountain of knowledge!
So my next question is: What is the 2nd UPB port for?

cooling fan or maybe LED strip lights

The original units had them, “for future development” I think - never had any real use. The “newer” models only have the one.