New User - startup - No Live TV or Guide Cover Pics

Just got my first Tablo Dual Lite yesterday. Hooked a 1Tb Hard drive via usb. Formatted the HD just fine. The Tablo connected to my Laptop (web app), ROKU and iPhone app correctly.

I think I saw something on the startup screen that the initial guide date may take 1-2 days to download? Is this correct? (I started this yesterday-Mon. at 2pm)

So far, the guide is ‘somehwat populated’ - with the text of the listings but no photos on the cover of the listing … AND what is more troubling, there is NO live TV at all. (Yes I have the antenna plugged in and know it works).

Is this a defective unit or is there something I can do to speed this along?
(I haven’t cancelled my TIVO service, just yet - ???)

Any advice or help?
THanks, Dennis

Did you scan again? How many channels did you see? Did you add them?

I scanned once - got 23 channels - all the ones I received on the scan using my Samsung 4K tv’s tuner. This is really a strange problem. Yes, I checked all of them to add to the list. :slight_smile:

Did you try rebooting your Tablo?

Reboot - as in pull the power cord, wait 10 secs. and then plug the power cable back in? Yes, I did that.

Does anyone know how long it takes for the guide to initially download?
(I have 75Mbps fast Internet service - verified by speedtest Ookla)

I did it a long time ago, I don’t remember, but have you registered your Tablo on the web site for your free month?

Oh yeah … got my account, put up my credit card - got the free month. Waiting with baited breath for this thing to ‘show me the results’ - LOL

Last question, sorry to ask it but, is your Tablo connected to Internet? :wink:

Glad you are asking questions - just trying to get this working :slight_smile:
yes, it’s connected … via wired Ethernet cable (100Mbit port on router).
I can see the Tablo from the app on my phone - so I am pretty sure that is OK.
What else is there ?

I’m out of idea, maybe @TabloTV could help here or send a ticket to the support team.

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Just sent them a message - Thanks :slight_smile:

The first time usually takes an hour or two to sync, not days.

The Program Guide data will then be downloaded from the internet to your Tablo. This process will take several minutes for each channel. Tablo will download the first day of programing for each channel before allowing full access to the full user interface.

The remaining 13 days of data will be downloaded in the background. This is a one-time operation. Moving forward, guide data will be downloaded nightly.

Well … we are 18 hrs. into ‘startup’ and still no live TV and guide is not even finished the first day.

Hope Tablo support has an answer - this is crazy!

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You say no Live TV … but you do have a Live TV Tab, right? On the Left column, where you see Recordings, Guide, etc.? What do you see when you click the Guide Tab?


See Pics attached …

Live TV ‘looks’ like it is attempting to load, but after 15 mins. of waiting it never shows any live tv pic - just ‘retrieving.

Yes I DO have a Live TV tab on the left sidebar

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What (if anything) do you see when you click the Guide tab on the left?

This picture - the word ‘loading’ on several channels and slash bars

@dmrome Hrm - that is weirder than anticipated when we were chatting on Facebook this a.m.

I’ll make sure to pass this thread along to support for you.

Support emailed about 3 hrs ago … and then no reply … saddened by this simple installation gone horribly wrong and lack of timely support.

I have been wanting to get one of these units for months! Was simply waiting for our 10 yr. old TIVO to finally die … it did a few days ago.

How about doing a factory reset and try the install / setup process again?