NEW - Update to Tablo web app

Hi everyone -

We’ve just pushed an update to the Tablo web app at

Updates are as follows:

  • Changes player from Flash to HTML5 due to performance issues with Flash on newer Chrome browsers
  • Fix for scheduled series not showing up if no upcoming airings within next two weeks
  • Fix for date and time field errors in manual scheduling
  • Fix for pre-filling show titles during manual scheduling
  • Improved error messages for connection issues
  • Other small tweaks for improved performance

The new HTML5 player should offer MUCH smoother playback and improved performance, even on lower-end PCs so we hope you enjoy it.

NOTE - You may need to hit SHIFT+Refresh and/or clear your browser’s cache to get the update.


Seems the latest update may have some issues. All of my attempts to load live or recorded video through the web app results in a blip of audio and then freezes on a single frame while loading indefinitely. Running Safari on Mac OS X 10.11.1.

@dicharre - Can you try Chrome?

UPDATE - fix imminent for Safari.

Works smoothly on Chrome.

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This is specially for the website accessed through the Chrome browser.

The Tablo Web app on the Android devices is a separate app.

@getcashmoney - There’s an Android app on the way too. Just getting that sorted out now. Hold tight :slight_smile:


I am seeing some audio out of sync issues. I can rewind and get it back but then it gets out of sync again, requires a rewind and it is back again

No - the Tablo app on the Android devices (smartphone, tablets and Android TVs) is different than the website, that’s what I’m saying.

What is the version number, so we can check to see if our tablo is updated.


There’s usually a changelog posted in the Google Play Store no? It usually outlines the changes in the update when a version is updated.

[quote=“TabloTV, post:1, topic:3988, full:true”]
The new HTML5 player should offer MUCH smoother playback and improved performance, even on lower-end PCs so we hope you enjoy it.[/quote]

The HTML5 player rocks, now I can watch LiveTV on an older PC that was never able to play video smoothly…
The webapp version number is 1.0.23-597


Im on OSX and it seems to work fine in chrome …

I’d like to have tried it, but unfortunately since the 2.2.2 update I have not had remote access on chrome or firefox.


Chrome viewing is finally beautiful on computer


There is definitely an issue with iOS 9 Safari (on both iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6s). I can only connect to one of my Tablos—the one that I try first. The second Tablo won’t connect. A connecting message is displayed for < 1s, then it returns to showing the connect screen showing the two Tablos.

This state persists until I clear the website data for; at which point, I can successfully connect to,either one (but only the one I attempt first).

Just to be clear, I can repeatedly successfully connect to the Tablo I connected to first after I cleared data. Furthermore, I can never connect to the other unless I clear data and attempt it first.

One might ask, why do I care? Well, for the iPad, the web app is the only way to delete all.

As for the iPhone app, I’m worried you will push the current web version as an iPhone update; and thus, break the iPhone app.

Loving the HTML5 in Chrome. So fast and responsive now. Thank you!!!



On my Chrome browser it’s 1.0.23-597

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I concur with this. Love the new HTML5 player, down with Flash.


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