NEW - Update to Tablo Web App (1.1.11)

Hi folks -

A new update to the web app will be rolling out today.

Release Notes for Tablo Web App - v1.1.11
• Fix to show network affiliate name vs. call sign (when available)
• Fix to resume playback to seek immediately to resume point
• Additional performance optimizations and bug fixes

Regarding the fix to the ‘resume point’, when you start watching partially viewed recording, the previous behavior when you chose to ‘resume’ vs. play from the start was for the playback window load the scrubber at the 1st frame AND THEN reload at the resume point. Now it just jumps right to the resume point and starts playback which should result in a faster/better resume experience.

As you can see, nothing too groundbreaking in this release but there are a few tweaks that were required for new product releases (including images for users of the new Tablo DUAL) and a few that will affect an update to the LG webOS app (out today - more info here) as well as a future update for Amazon Fire TV.

We hope you enjoy this update!

Oh good.

For some reason (I’m assuming a cache issue in my browser) the web app hasn’t worked right on my iPad since the last time the Tablo rebooted. Works fine on Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD through assorted browsers, so I blame the iPad.

And, for those who may ask, yes, same network. Wifi and ethernet are bridged. For “I don’t have a cable that long” reasons, the Tablo runs on Wifi.

Is there a chance at all of getting a local access thru Web App? Am thinking of a switch mode when there’s no internet only recordings can be accessed? This will be a good start for on the go portability…

Just tried it on Chrome, Safari and Firefox. All work just fine with no problems at all. CC works well with all and cast works fine only with Chrome.

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Another missed opportunity to implement the per-series recording limit in the Web App… :confused:

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That’s pretty much at the tip top of our to-do list at the moment. I bring it up so much that I think the dev team wants to do it just so I stop harassing them to make it happen.

I’ve mentioned this a few other places, but we’ve hired two more folks for the app dev team so we should be able to get back to cranking on new features/screens soon.


Thank you squeaky wheel!
Keep it up. :slight_smile:


How about the ability to record a program plus 15 minutes, or 30 minutes, or an hour? This is basic DVR functionality that most every cable company has offered for years (and years). I believe that this also has been “high on the priority list” for a couple years.

So let’s be honest, is this promised feature ever going to happen?

You guys must be doing something right because the activity on this forum has really decreased from the volume of a few months ago! And most, but not all posting are not that big of a problem. Thanks again

Many of the earlier users were more power users. And when their feature requests were left unimplemented for years they found or added on other solutions such as Plex.

You can see some of the problem in the recent tablo support posts in this thread.