NEW - Update to Tablo Web App (1.0.26)

We’ve just pushed an update to the web app at

You’ll see the following changes:

  • Adds manual remote port configuration to settings screen
  • Adds MAC address to settings screen
  • Adds sorting by episode number in leanback mode
  • Fix for issue where show thumbnails remained after all episodes deleted
  • Fix for menu rendering issue after closing player (seen on desktop, Safari only)
  • Other stability and performance improvements

This version of the web app should appear as build 1.0.26 in your Settings screen.

NOTE - You may need to hit SHIFT+Refresh and/or clear your browser’s cache to get the update.

We hope you enjoy this update! If you have any feedback please let us know below.


After sending the support team a message about the issue talked about here, they said that this new version would probably fix it. However after testing it, it isn’t fixed. Should I open a new ticket with the support team?

Where on the settings screen might I find this?

It’ll be in your settings right below the ‘General’ settings with recording quality and your Tablo’s name:

It will only show up if UPNP doesn’t work. If you already have UPNP enabled, you’ll have to uncheck the Tablo Connect box and hit refresh on your web page.

Thanks, good to know, can’t test though, IPNP is enabled & works fine.

Thank you for providing the MAC address.

You said the port information will only show up if UPNP does not work. In my router, I do not have UPNP turned on. But still I am unable to see the port information. What’s wrong?

I did the port mappings manually in the router. Is that why I am unable to see the port information?

Yes if the Tablo Connect feature currently works because you have correctly configured the router it won’t show up.