NEW - Update for Tablo Roku Channel (v. 2.3.4)

Hi there Tablo fans!

Today we published a quick update for the Tablo Roku channel. It should be available on your Roku device in the next day or so, and no action is required as your Roku will check for and download updates automatically.

The release has a few fixes and adds a toggle for ‘Fast Live TV Startup’ in the settings section which you can see by selecting your Tablo’s name from the top of the menu section.

As a quick reminder, with firmware 2.2.18 and recent builds of the Tablo Roku channel, the time it takes to start a live TV stream should be noticeably shorter with Fast Live TV startup enabled.

If you encounter buffering with Fast Live TV startup enabled, you may need to disable it as some setups may require the additional buffering time.

Release Notes for Tablo ROKU Channel Update 2.3.4

  • Adds ‘Fast Live TV Startup’ toggle to settings screen
  • Fix for navigation ‘skipping’ problem seen on some older/lower-end Roku devices
  • Bug fixes & performance improvements

We hope you enjoy this update! Please share any feedback you have below.


You really should consider upgrading from Tablo firmware v2.2.16.
You’d think that Tablo insiders would get this sooner. :wink:
Also, where do I sign up to get that 12 year trial suscription?

Yeah - me too.

I have two Tablo units… One is kept on the ‘deployed’ firmware and one is kept on whatever ‘beta’ firmware there is so I can take screenshots or compare/contrast behavior on either side of the fence.

It’s part of the employee benefits package :smiley: