NEW - Tablo Roku Channel Update (2.0 - Build 19)

There is a new update available for the Roku channel which includes the following:

  • Adds hard drive and subscription status information to ‘About’ screen
  • Adds filter menus for guide and recordings (series, sports, movies)
  • Improves navigation between guide and Live TV screen
  • Improves error messages
  • Other small tweaks and performance improvements

Based on popular demand we also added a more obvious ‘episodes’ button when you’re trying to watch recordings from a series:

You can check for the channel update by navigating from your Roku Home screen to Settings > System > System Update.

If you have any issues or any feedback you’d like to share with us, please let us know.


Bump for an “episodes” button (or equivalent) on the Android TV/Fire TV interface. Even better, a button that plays either the oldest or newest unwatched episode.

For Roku owners, these are nice changes.


Little glitch here that began after updating tonight: After watching a recorded show, I back out to the info screen and select Delete and then Delete again and it hangs. Before this update, it took less than a second to go from the info screen back to the main Recordings screen and then if it was the only program in that series, it would disappear almost immediately. The only way to delete the show now is to go the info page and then select Delete from there and hit Delete All. Then it kicks me back to the Roku home screen. This repeated twice after watching two programs.

I had the same thing happen to me.

Does Roku auto update the Tablo channel or do you have to request the update?
If it does auto update, is it possible to revert to an older build?

It will auto update. If you’re having trouble your only option at this point would be the legacy app. Of course, you should file a ticket with support as well

The update did improve performance on my 2XS, usable but the way the cover art constantly repaints when scrolling up and down in the recordings list will keep me on the Legacy app. @TabloTV - any chance this behavior can be changed? I can use the Legacy app to view all the Recordings in an A-Z listing, and can go up and down in that list without having to wait for the cover art.

Were you trying to bulk delete or delete a single episode?

Thank you for working on this! The Episodes button is an improvement over the down arrow, But how about skipping this screen entirely if there’s only one episode saved.


Just a single episode in both instances.

Hrm… we weren’t able to reproduce this so I’d suggest touching base w/ support so we can see what else might be happening.

Love the new episodes button, thanks!

Two ideas:

  1. Can you add a sort option to the recordings screen? I love on Android that I can sort by “most recent” when I just want to see what’s showing up that’s newest to watch but miss this on Roku.

  2. When there is only one episode available can you just have the episodes button jump into that episode? It seems a bit odd to present the list when there is only one that will be in the list.

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Will do. Thanks. Also, note it looks like @slippy51 is having the issue as well.

I am also having the delete problem on my Roku 4. The episode that I am deleting is grayed out forever. I go back 1 screen, then back to the episodes list and the episode is gone. This happens with multiple or single episode recordings. If it is a single episode recording, it is gone when I go back to the recordings screen.

For folks seeing a difference with the delete… We did make a bit of a change to how this is displayed.

In the current channel iteration, there is no two way communication w/ your Tablo. When you delete something, it is greyed out and unselectable until that page is refreshed. In the past, it was removed from the list but we found that this process wasn’t as reliable as we’d like so we went to this model. In a future update, we’ll be enabling two-way communication and this need to refresh the page will be eliminated.

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Yup, that’s the way it’s been working for me.

Good job on the update and Roku seems to be a bit more stable but am getting a bit impatient waiting for the ATV4 app. Enough with Roku… Get us up on Apple!

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Apple is evil.


Maybe they are evil but their shit works.


Same delete problem as everybody else above report.

Another new bug:

When either starting or resuming play of any recording, the sound always starts correctly, but now, after the update, the video is missing sometimes. The screen is black, the scrolling timeline cannot be displayed using the navigation keys, and the only way to restore video is to return to the prior screen and start over. Playing a second time always seems to fix the disappearing video problem.

Yet ANOTHER NEW problem----Two identical recordings now show up for some recordings. See screen capture below.

Some good news:

3 phantom undeletable icons on my Recordings page have suddenly disappeared (finally!). They still show up on my Nexus and iOS Tablo apps however.

I really DREAD these Tablo updates, especially self-installing auto updates from Tablo. Until Tablo learns to TEST THESE ‘UPDATES’ properly, every single one has been a spin of the russian roulette revolver.