New Tablo Quad HDMI ATSC 3.0!

Telling users that Windows 11 requires a Microsoft account and TPM 2.0 could be viewed as a “positive” informational message. But some might not like it.

Windows 10 and beyond tries it’s best to require a microsoft account. And you are talking about a network based client. Has tablo indicated what the minimum version requirements are for their HDMI ATSC 3.0 network based clients?

There are no network based clients for their HDMI ATSC 3.0 DVR.

Hi folks -

Thought you might want to see this video from Tyler the Antenna Man which breaks down some of the details about DRM on ATSC 3.0:


You mean someone is comparing a DRM explanation of a product with only network apps to one with no network apps. What a surprise.

DRM does NOTHING to prevent rebroadcasting. Just saying. This is just bad stuff. Sigh.

What it does do is prevent the non-criminal from having flexible access. Yes, this is what it does do.

I thought one of the features of ATSC 3.0 A/360 is that the device doesn’t accept the broadcast unless it passes through the certificate process. So there is nothing to rebroadcast.

Of course you might be able to defeat A/360 and X509 V3. But is it worth the effort just to decrypt an episode of Green Acres.

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Rebroadcast is simply a matter of capture and transmission. Easily done. Arguably easier than the very thing they are trying to avoid. Zero effort, no magic, no decryption, etc. Again, while we can say criminals aren’t stupid, we can also assume that neither are the forces behind this “drm”. Again, it’s not about what they’re saying it’s about.

I’d say Tablo has attracted a lot of users that prefer the streaming model along with some that got used to it. Personally streaming my DVR was exactly what I was looking for when I bought my Tablo. I’ve been streaming my personal media for at least 15 years now and I HAVE NO INTENTION OF GOING BACK TO A DIRECT CONNECTION! :rofl: I really hope this DRM doesn’t kill our ability to stream media.

I know why Tablo says the new Tablo doesn’t allow streaming on this device but I’m not sure why Tablo can’t at least support streaming ATSC 1.0 content.

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Can anyone here confirm or deny whether the Tablo 3.0 DVR will support Technicolor HDR? I emailed Tablo in January and they weren’t sure whether it would at that time. According to Technicolor’s website, 31 ATSC 3.0 stations are already broadcasting in Technicolor HDR. Sinclair is 100% behind the standard and they own stations in nearly every local market. More markets are coming online every week; including Omaha where I live just this past week. I’m looking to get my first 3.0 set top box, but Technicolor HDR decoding will be a must for sports broadcast on Sinclair OTA stations (and potentially others). The backwards compatibility to SDR is key here. That way they only have to spend the bits for one stream that can support both SDR & HDR playback depending on the receive device. Pretty ingenious technology, in many ways similar to how analog TV was able to add color without disrupting the black and white broadcasts.
Hopefully Technicolor HDR support as well as DRM compatibility can be resolved prior to the official launch of the product.

I would be happy with a device that supported ATSC 3.0 with SDR, HDR10, HLG.

And given the problems of network devices with AC-4 and DRM, a solution that also supported these.

Of course like many I don’t have a use for a HDMI device.

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I’ve noticed that the Tablo Quad HDMI ATSC 3.0 is no longer advertised on the scrolling banner on Tablo’s homepage. The only way you can even find it is by searching for it on your website by name. It’s not listed when you click on products to purchase.

Per your website:
Tablo ATSC 3.0 QUAD HDMI OTA DVR is available for pre-order now exclusively at at an MSRP of $299.99 US with an anticipated ship date of spring 2022.

(April 2022 Status Update: Due to evolving DRM broadcast requirements, the initial production run has been delayed.)

The April 2022 Status Update said:
Because of this, we anticipate a manufacturing delay of several months while we confirm the certification requirements, add DRM capabilities to the product, and obtain certification from the ATSC 3.0 Security Authority (A3SA).

Spring is long past, summer is just a memory, the leaves are falling and winter is quickly approaching. I’d say that we’re past the several months delay by now. Can we hope that Santa will bring our new Tablo by Christmas or was this just a really cruel April fools joke?

(Though their intrusive banners cover the top)

So, I guess still no ETA?

Sorry, not yet.

We’re working away on things and hope to share a more robust update soon.


I don’t want to buy a brick or a partially incompatible device so I’m willing to forgive you for trying to get it right.

I purchased the Quad HDMI in November because everything I read at the time said it would support ATSC 3.0. Once I hooked it up and scanned the channels, it did not find any of the new ATSC 3.0 channels. Now after further digging I find the model I purchased never will support the new channels because a feature that was added to 3.0 can not be added with a code change. Is Tablo allowing those of us who purchased the Quad HDMI version the ability to return it in exchange for the one that does support ATSC 3.0?

I don’t think the ATSC 3.0 model is available yet, and I’ve not heard about any trade-up program.

Since you just bought in November you might still be able to return for a refund and wait for.the new model.

Here’s what Tablo says about returns:
Nuvyyo Direct Purchase Return Policy

End-User Customers who buy Nuvyyo’s products directly from Nuvyyo, may return them to Nuvyyo up to 30 days after they are received for a refund of the product purchase price (we cannot refund shipping charges).

End-User Customers must obtain an RMA number that is clearly marked on the outside of the return package and all returns must be in the original packaging and include all items.

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I really don’t think it is ever coming as from the little I know, the device was almost ready, then this DRM problem came out and nothing but crickets about the future of it. I think they have to totally redesign it or something as even HDHR is trying to work around some of the issues.

So much I do not think it is ever coming, I bought a HDMI Quad just today with 5Tb HD, I dont expect to see anything ATSC 3 even in 2023.

It will come - the big question is when. Reality is the ATSC 3.0 deployments out there are on low power stations, they are “beta testing” the abilities of the deployments, and things change all the time. It seems like every week or two, a major change comes out that breaks quite a few things, and the consumer is at the mercy of “emergency fixes” coming out.

I could make a long list of items in the last year that has gone wrong. So my question to you is this - would you want Tablo to release it, and then deal with problems almost non-stop? ATSC 3.0 is ready for “prime time” today. I doubt it will be tomorrow or next week. It may be quite a while before things become stable.

It could literally be 3-5 years before major adoption of the ATSC 3.0 really shapes up. Until then, we are in a beta test for what is out there.

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