New Tablo Not Recognized On PC via Ethernet

Trying to get my new Tablo setup via ethernet. The Roku 3 sees the Tablo, but my PC using doesn’t see the Tablo, so I can’t complete the setup. Tablo light is solid blue, so it has an IP or the Roku wouldn’t see it. Any suggestions?

Try not tablopc

Sorry, typo. Using…not connecting.

I get the “No Tablo Found On Your Network” error message.

Ok, so are you ding wifi or wired?

All wired. I have a Roku, Matricom G2, Samsung Smart TV and NAS box all on the same network. I can see everything but the Tablo.

As long as it is on the same network as the machine you are using to browse it should find it. You might want to try wifi setup too, you can always plug back in after you setup.

Going into my AT&T modem, I found the IP assigned to the Tablo and I can ping from my PC. Appears the Tablo web app has issues.

Try this

Do you get anything back??

{“success”: false, “error”: {“message”: “None found”, “code”: “80”}}

It could be their activation is down might want to open a support ticket, but they won’t get to it til tomorrow

But I would suggest trying the wifi setup just to check.

I appreciate your help BTW, and I will try the WiFi setup and see if I can make that work. When I can get into setup, I’ll assign static IP to the Tablo.

Question please Jestep. It appears I can use either my Roku 3 or my Matricom G2(Android Box) to control the Tablo. Would there be a preference?

Not familiar with the Matricom, but I like the Roku experience overall without Tablo :wink:

FYI…downloaded the Tablo app to my Matricom G2 ( ) and it sees the Tablo. I can enter setup but can get past the channel scan, because the Matricom can’t scroll to the bottom of the screen. :disappointed: I assume there is a “Proceed” or “Okay” button down there I can’t get to. And the friggin web app on my PC still won’t recognize it. Just some info for those thinking an Android set top box might work…it won’t.

@steking - We don’t officially support Android TV devices aside from the Nexus Player and the Nvidia Shield but we’re working on a KODI plugin that should get this box working for you at that time.

I’ve forwarded your thread to the support team so they can chime in on the PC issue.

What browser are you using?

I’m using Chrome, but I was able to work around the issue. The web app
couldn’t handle hopping across two managed switches that are on the same
subnet. I connected a laptop via ethernet to the switch the Tablo is on.
The web app was able to see the Tablo then and I completed the startup configuration. Seems odd, I’ve got a Samsung smart TV, a Roku 3, a Matricom G2(Android box) and a GNAP NAS all hanging off that switch. I could
talk to everything but the Tablo. I pulled the Tablo IP off my router/modem
and I could ping it from the PC, but the web app couldn’t see it. Without
a sniffer, sounds like a bug in the Tablo web app. The Tablo seems to be
working fine now.

Question: How can I get in the Tablo config and set a static IP for the
ethernet port? I haven’t found any documentation on that topic.


The Tablo doesn’t have the ability to set it’s own static IP address.
It’s strictly via DHCP.
You can set a static IP address for the Tablo on your router, though.
What make and model is your router?


As Radojevic says, the Tablo doesn’t support static IP addresses in its interface. The usual workaround is to set a DHCP reservation in your DHCP server (which is usually on a home router). HTH.