New Tablo Not Recognized On PC via Ethernet

It’s a Uverse branded Pace Plc 5268AC. I couldn’t find a manual for it online, but it doesn’t appear to have the DHCP reservation feature. I find that more disturbing than the Tablo not have a network configuration app.

Is there a configuration app that you can get to on the Tablo via ethernet?

There isn’t anything like an app or other interface that I know of. I know that the support folks from Nuvyyo have a different interface that allows them to do much more, but I’m not sure of its limitations. Might be worth opening a support ticket to ask. It might also be time to buy a better DHCP server or router.

Unfortunately it is owned by Uverse so I’m stuck with it.

That stinks. Can you turn off the DHCP on the Uverse router and use something else? Maybe a Raspberry Pi (They’re cheap).