NEW - Tablo iPhone & iPad App Update (v. 2.0.0)

Hi folks -

For quite some time now, Tablo’s iOS app team has been working very hard on a fully refreshed Tablo app for iPhones and iPads.

We’re very excited to tell you that it’s now ready!

Here’s what you can expect…

Tablo iOS Mobile App (v. 2.0.0)

  • Fully refreshed Tablo app for iOS

About This Update

Version 2.0.0 of the Tablo app for iOS has a brand-new bottom menu layout that makes it simple to navigate between screens on even the smallest iOS devices.

It uses the latest back-end communication technology to ensure interactions between your iPhone or iPad and your Tablo are fast and efficient.

This major architecture change means that fan favorite screens and filters like ‘Recent Recordings’, ‘Coming Soon’, and ‘Failed Recordings’ are now available on your mobile device.

This update also includes numerous bug fixes and performance updates.

How To Get It
The app is being distributed in a staged rollout.

If you’re already running version 1.9.2 of the Tablo app and have automatic updates enabled on your iOS device, you should see version 2.0.0 sometime in the next 7 days.

If you’d like to try it immediately, you can update manually via the App Store.

(NOTE – Customers who are still using the discontinued ‘Tablo Web App’ for iPhone should delete that app and make the switch to the ‘main’ Tablo app as soon as possible. Unfortunately, Tablo Connect pairing can not be saved from the ‘Tablo Web App’ when switching to the Tablo app on iOS.)

As always, if you have any questions or encounter any problems, feel free to post them below or touch base directly with support.


New app looks great! I updated to the newest iPhone app and it kept my pairing of my Tablo and I can still connect to it remotely.

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Not ready for prime time.

  • Cannot turn off 14 day Live TV grid.

  • Guide does not populate all channels as before in earlier version app.

  • Cannot define default start tab.

I have a new model IPhone SE with IOS 15.

I have 47 channels selected for the Guide…works OK with Roku app with 14-day Live TV grid off.

IMHO needs work.

I only have 15 channels and grid loads ok, not instant and now super slow.

I do like the “coming soon” section under Scheduled though.

OK…after a delay the Guide finally populated all channels that were active in the older version of the app. The delay may have been caused by fetching 14 days of programming.

After placing the 14-day grid in beta in a number of apps for quite a while, we’re slowly moving to make this view standard across all apps that can support it.

As we update apps, we’re also doing away with offering a default start screen and instead having the app open on the screen you used last. If you always use Live TV, that’s where you’ll be.

Data in the Live TV grid is loaded as you scroll through instead of loading everything at once. Not sure why you weren’t seeing everything right off the bat, but glad to hear it’s resolved.

As we update apps, we’re also doing away with offering a default start screen and instead having the app open on the screen you used last. If you always use Live TV, that’s where you’ll be.

Are you going to fix the fire tv stick app? If you have multiple tablo devices and want to switch you have to enter the settings menu just to disconnect. I am really tired of starting the app and connecting to the device and finding my self in the settings menu.

The app looks and works great. I mostly use my iPad just to check the guide and/or setup recordings/do Tablo maintenance. I’ve never watched an actual program on it. I like bigger TV screens. :tv:

Is there a way to “jump” to a certain day in the live TV grid with this new version of the iOS app?

Not at this time.

Very nice update, love the new look. The app is faster than the old version on my iPad.

Would be nice if the guide tab left my filter on, I don’t normally view the total guide, just what’s premiering.

Hopefully PIP is on the way….

I was really looking forward to seeing the Picture in Picture feature enabled with a brand new iOS and iPadOS app, but disappointed that it’s not there (at least not yet). Are there any plans to support this feature so we can enjoy our Tablo TV in a small window while multi-tasking?

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THANK YOU X 4 for the iOS update. I am using an iPhone 6s plus and my setup uses four Tablos. The antennas point in different directions and I am on the wrong side of a woodland hill, so one antenna would never receive all my desired stations. It is now so easy to swap Tablos when programming so I don’t need four windows open on my computer to see where a program might be. The interface is also much faster than my Firefox browser window in WIN10 or Linux Mint.
Thanks again!

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Four as in 4? Whoa lol

I thought I was bad with 3 tablo 2-tuners and a hdhomerun 4k/plex for my wife to play with… Maybe I should have bough a new dual lite 2 weeks ago when amazon had them on sale for $90.

I have 2 Tablo - 4 tuner Gen 1, and 2 Tablo - 2 tuner Gen 1. One bought new and the other 3 bought as refurbished. They have been in service for approx 5 years with no major problems. I have them in the garage on a shelf sitting on metal heat sinks, and use computer fans on the 4 tuner models so they don’t get too hot in the mostly mild (except for last summer) weather. I now use streaming on 4 Roku’s, and cable TV is a distant memory.

My iPad Pro updated but has a few flaws I have not seen mentioned. When watching live or a recording the iPad status information at the top of the screen stays visible at all times, unlike with the earlier versions. Also, now if I pause the screen dims and stays dim with the controls visible. With earlier versions I could tap the screen to clear the controls and restore the screen to bright. That no longer is possible. This makes it difficult to see what is in the paused frame during, say, sporting events.

Is it just me and my iPad?

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We’re investigating this on our end. If anyone else sees the same behaviour, let us know. We’ll make sure to log any opportunities for improvement in future releases.

I received another update last night to 2.0.1

A new feature I really like is that it keeps existing saved channels “checkmarked” after a rescan (even if not 1080i/720p) so they don’t have to be reselected.

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Yes! We shipped a 2.0.1 update to address a potential bug for iOS 12 users.