NEW - Tablo iOS App Update (v. 1.8.6 & 1.8.7)

Happy Tuesday Tablo fans -

A Tablo app update is on the way for your iPhone and iPad. You should receive a notification in the App Store shortly.

Here’s what you can expect…

Tablo iOS App Update (v. 1.8.6)

To disable Tablo Automatic Commercial Skip on a per-recording basis from within the playback screen, toggle the Commercial Skip icon in the bottom right of the screen.


Tablo iOS App Update (v. 1.8.7)

  • Fix for playback controls on iOS 12

If you have any questions or feedback about this update, don’t hesitate to drop us a line or comment below.

Just FYI, after this update and the previous, I was unable to connect even from inside the network until I deleted and reinstalled.

After receiving the new update for my iPad, the bar along the bottom of the screen that includes the volume, pause/resume, forward 30 and back 20, close caption no longer work. I have an older iPad Air that is stuck in IOS 12. and is no longer supported by Apple. If that is the cause, can I revert back to the previous version of the Tablo app? I didn’t really want to go out and purchase a new iPad at the moment.

Hey @Jackt - Yes, this is a bug that we’re working to fix at the moment. Unfortunately there’s no easy way to revert to the previous version but we’re hopeful the wait won’t be long for you to get back up and running.

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Thanks for the prompt reply. It is a little inconvenient but still workable. Look forward to the fix. :slightly_smiling_face:

A fix for playback controls for folks who are stuck at iOS 12 is on the way!

This flashing issue from the link below is still occurring in 1.8.6

Indeed… We haven’t really been able to re-create it on a regular basis but we believe it might be related to the app requesting refreshes after deletions.

The current ‘hybrid’ communication approach that we’ve taken with the iOS apps as we work towards moving away from sync can make things like this a bit difficult to track down/resolve.

The good news is that this (and other annoyances) will be eliminated once we can finally kill syncing 100% on mobile apps.

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Will this update restore the Recent Recordings tab that’s been missing from the iOS app since the last update?

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Got the update and it fixed the problem. Thanks for fixing it so quickly!

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The Tablo app on the iPad Air running iOS 12.4 does not have the “Commercial Skip” status like the iPhone app. See screenshot below from iPhone XS Max. Can this please be added to the iPad app?

We’re going to be doing some major overhauls of the mobile apps this year. That will be on the to-do list.

Can you please add keyboard support to the iOS app to-do list, specifically left arrow (rewind), right arrow (fast forward), and space bar (pause/play)? Popular streaming apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Plex… etc have that support and I found it very convenient to use with iPad keyboard case (more convenient than using the touch control on screen) :slight_smile:

That’s a neat one… Will pass it along!

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@TabloEngineering @TabloSupport

RE: Tablo iPadOS / iPhoneOS app version 1.8.7

When watching recordings with successful commercial skip they work fine on Apple TV.

But with some programs (not all) on my iPad Pro the commercials are marked off with yellow bars but during playback no skip occurs for the same show where they work on Apple TV.

This only happens with some shows that have successful skip ready indication in the app, I cannot determine anything about the show that would cause this condition.

This seems to a bug in the app.

We’ll see if we can try to re-create this here.

If you have specific recordings that you’re seeing this on, please make sure to keep them on your hard drive. We may want to take a look at the details.

Stay tuned.

Sorry I deleted the show. The most recent was “This Old House Trade School” on the CW network.

When you run into another one, let us know!

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Lately it seems like every 2 weeks or so my iOS iPhone Tablo app is unable to connect remotely.

Once I get on the network and sometimes uninstall and reinstall the app I’m okay for another few weeks. Starting to get annoying - and if I was traveling I’d be SOL.

I see the EXACT same behavior. Must delete and reinstall the app to get connection.
Seems to be only the iPhone. Have not seen this on iPad.