NEW - Tablo Firmware Release 2.2.36

So being clear about what to expect from the non-update is supposed to be acceptable?
After waiting approx. six months for this, it doesn’t even provide a fix, yet they continue to charge for a feature that doesn’t work properly? …and now they’re saying that the problem will be resolved in the coming months?
Is that going to mean another six months?
Could they possibly be more vague and less helpful?
Are they too preoccupied with working on new products to help all of those that have been faithful users who’ve invested in their other products?
Seriously, Tablo??

Your Tablo renews images based on a few different factors…

  • Premiering program - these should all show the correct aspect ratio from now on
  • Season premiere - once the new season begins and new art is provided, these should show the correct aspect ratio from now on
  • Ongoing programs - art for these is renewed every quarter or so therefore you should see these be corrected by the fall

That is of course, if you’re running 2.2.36.

I think they clearly stated that the cover art situation isn’t immediately resolved and they have now provided additional details as to more specifically how/when it will be resolved. Just because you don’t like the timeframe doesn’t make it unacceptable.


OK…but what about the fact that I had normal cover art for most (if not all) of my recorded shows until they suddenly became corrupted approx. six months ago and several have no cover art whatsoever?
What about the fact that I was told (by two different reps) that it shouldn’t take more than a month to resolve it?
What about the fact that, after all of this time, my cover art was still corrupted (and some was missing) after downloading 2.2.36?
What happens to all of the corrupted cover art (from previously recorded shows)?
Why is there no problem with the cover art (for the same exact shows) on a variety of other devices (such as cable boxes)?
If this is the result of waiting six months for some improvement with an ongoing problem (that still exists!), yes, it’s completely unacceptable!
Being passive and just accepting this non-update (after waiting far too long) doesn’t help anyone!

Thanks for the response…
Every quarter??
It’s been 2 quarters at this point and you can add yet another quarter in September!
So users should be kept waiting (for questionable results) approx. 9 months for the possibility of a resolution for what was normal cover art originally? Really??
When there was no problem originally and you weren’t able to accomplish anything whatsoever for 6 months (and there’s still no improvement)?
I’m sorry if I’m not being (conveniently) passive about this…but this is all wrong!
…and why were some shows suddenly generating “commercial skip detection failed” after downloading the new update? What’s this?
What was accomplished here (other than the questionable potential of having normal cover art later on in the future)?
…and why are you unable to reveal the specifics for the (supposed) additional improvements?
A detailed response would be appreciated!

Look at the section titled…

" A Few Extra Notes…

Guide Data Image Change"

That’s the initial part, where the guide provider changed some things on their side related to the cover art, so initially Tablo had to prepare for that change, which they did with the 2.2.32 firmware update.

Then this happened…

Which is probably when you started seeing the stuff being cut-off. So then they had to make more adjustments to the 2.2.32 changes to lay the groundwork for the necessary logic to get the correct aspect ratio image since what they were provided to test 2.2.32 with wasn’t what was actually being sent when the guide provider actually implemented the initial change on their side,

Those additional changes are what was done in 2.2.36. So now the Tablo unit itself has all the necessary changes in place to deal with all the changes the guide provider made in the data they are providing, they just have to wait to get the actual refreshed, post-guide provider changes data from the guide provider themselves, according to the timeline above. The cover art comes from the guide provider.

Where exactly are you seeing that they said after installing the 2.2.36 firmware the cover art issue would be resolved? They explicitly state it would NOT be. Sure, it’s solved in the Tablo logic, but they still have to get the new cover art from the guide provider to process it through that logic.

Feeding trolls just causes them to grow into Jabba the Hutt. With lots of Blah-Blah.


Buffering got better with this update but now my recordings won’t play? They play on my iPad but not firetv? Ill try to rollback the update when I go home.

Mine did the same. I’m calling Monday for support. I’m thinking rolling back the update will fix it but I’ll wait to talk to support

I’m having a buffering issue with recordings on I checked my network via the router, and the Tablo is connected correctly and getting excellent speed. I do most of my watching on my TCL Roku TV (using Roku Tablo app). Yesterday I noticed that when I go to “Recordings”, it says I have no recordings, but the space on my hard drive indicates something is stored. Plus the recordings do show up on So I know it is recording, but there is some issue with the Roku app. When I watch Live TV on the Roku app, it is working perfectly and no buffering.

Fortunately I don’t have lots of recordings and can lose what I have, so later today I’ll do a factory reset and start from scratch. I don’t think this is a 2.2.36 firmware issue, as I was updated a week ago and I was fine after the update this past week.

Before doing the factory reset, here’s some things I would try first…
On your Roku TV, go into settings and do a system reset. I’ve had to do this to my Roku streaming device from time to time.

On, is the buffering constant and can never watch your recordings or is the buffering intermittent where the buffering interrupts you while watching your recordings?

On the browser you are using for, erase all the cookies and stored data. This will cause your browser to re sync to your Tablo.

If these don’t solve your problems, I would contact Tablo Support to see if they can detect any issues with your Tablo.
For me, a factory reset is the last coarse of action.

Your interpretation / misunderstanding / manipulative phrase - as a consumer, you purchased a product and contributed to profits. This is not an “investment”. Product users are customers as well, from a corporation’s perspective depending upon context.

Your interpretation / misunderstanding / manipulative phrase - “suddenly became corrupted” is your term only.

<sigh> yea, I think I know where we’re going… sorry

I rebooted my router, rebooted my Tablo device, and did a system reset on my Roku TV. The buffering issue has gone away. I still got “No recorded TV shows” when I look at the Recordings tab on my Roku TV, but saw the recordings on (Windows 10 using Chrome browser), as well as on my android Tablo app.

I deleted the Tablo app on my Roku TV, then reinstalled the app, and now I can see the recordings. I have to admit I wasn’t expecting that to work, but fortunately it did. Thanks for your help.

Did this or a previous release start to handle alt-audio? It use to be that tablo only processed alt audio channel 1. If it was English you received English. If it was Spanish you received Spanish.

I just noticed that for a Mexican station that has Spanish as Alt-audio 1 and English as alt-audio 2 tablo appears to now output English.

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Updated my Tablo OG 4 Tuner unit sometime last week without issues.

Have added some shows to the schedule and assumed the artwork would be correct since they were new:

Added American Hoggers (don’t judge me! ;-). You can see the artwork for the show card is present but the poster has since disappeared. Initially it was there.

Also added the show Wellington Paranormal and the poster/card artwork for that show is correct.

This is with the web client under Safari 13.1.2 and the Roku client as well.

So the new firmware is better for me but still not like it used to be.

Just my two cents.


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I can understand some of the frustration though?

If I take my car in for service, they tell me it’s fixed, and then say, but you won’t actually notice anything’s actually fixed for up to … three months…???
Or if I have my AC or furnace serviced in my home? Yup, I fixed it, you’ll notice that it’s working better in about three months…

I’d also managed to miss this tidbit as well, and made the mistake of telling my father that this update was supposed to resolve his artwork issues… oops… three more months of listening to a family member swearing about this? Really? Fun times.

So, I can understand some of the frustration?

It is kind of fun. You can actually start a betting pool. “Will it be fixed?” “Which parts will be fixed?” etc.

Firstly, it very definitely IS an investment!
Not only are you “investing” money for the hardware and the external drive, you’re also “investing” money for additional services (that don’t neccesarily provide any real value for that investment…since there are too many flaws).
You’re also “investing” time and effort programming and using the product.
…and for some (that may not need it for other purposes), you’re also forced to invest in internet service.
Stating that it’s “not an investment” is ludicrous!
It’s also not on automatic pilot.
It requires considerable interaction with the user.
That’s referred to as a time “investment”.
Additionally, there’s nothing “manipulative” about my observation that there is a corruption!
Nor is it a “misunderstanding”!
How do you defend the fact that the cover art was perfectly normal and then it suddenly either dissappeared or became abnormally stretched out of proportion? Normal operation??
According to the “provider”, the cover art that they’ve been providing is perfectly normal and the problem is with how Tablo integrates it.
Of course you’ll say that they’re “passing the buck” but the same rule applies to Tablo!
Especially since the cover art provided by the same provider to other outlets is perfectly OK!
So who’s really “passing the buck”?
Not to mention that it shouldn’t take six months (approx.) for this problem to be (supposedly) resolved, if it’s being handled competently!
Defensiveness is only a distraction!
The bottom line is that this update either did nothing or certainly not nearly enough to fix this ridiculousness!
After waiting approx. half a year, this is unacceptable!..and that’s not my interpretation, nor is it manipulative in any way! It’s a fact!
Not to mention that, just because you feel the need to be innapropriately (and excessively) defensive (or perhaps are employed by the company), that doesn’t automatically make me a “troll” on this forum!
That’s just another distraction!

You seem to have have only 1 topic to repeatedly post about in this thread - cover art.

I just checked mine and for over 1,000 TV shows probably less then 5% haven’t had the icons updated to be the correct size.

But maybe my zipcode is special.

Not true, I have numerous other issues.
…but unfortunately, there is far too much bias and the level of open-mindedness that should exist here is basically non-existent, so what’s the point??
You can’t criticize the (all too perfect) product without being shot down either by excessive defensiveness or name calling!
Makes you seriously wonder who’s actually taking up residence on this forum?:thinking:
Perhaps it should be re-named “The Tablo corporate defenders community”??