NEW - Tablo Firmware Release 2.2.32

Hi. Yes and Yes. When I did a scan after the .32 update, I lost those settings. I had to add them all back. Today I didn’t.

Very interesting. I was the original poster detailing this bug in the .32 firmware. After I read your post, I did several scans, saves, update channel guide…and none of my manual recordings got lost this time.

I’m trying to determine if Tablo figured out a way to fix this on the backend servers…or are they able to silently update our firmware? I’m ok if they did fix it silently.


We’ve made some changes on our end to mitigate this issue, which we’re happy to see is helping.

Has there been anything definitive yet regarding observations of disconnects/reboots? I’d really like to update my firmware, but am still a bit hesitant with some of the issues people are raising.

Thanks for all the help!

We haven’t found any new issues that would cause connectivity issues post-update, and still recommend that all users process this update.

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I have upgraded 2 different tablo’s and nothing had “screwed up” with either of them.

There may be a remote possibility there’s an unlikely possibility there’s some issue related to upgrading to the new firmware… it’s is rare.

When things work right, generally people don’t take the time to say “hey, check this out - everything is great!”

So you will hear more bad than good - but that doesn’t mean there’s a lot of bad out there.

I’m one of those that updated and all went well. No problems, no lost schedules (but no manual schedules exist). Just thought I’d chime in…

My issue persists after the upgrade.

Sequence of events:

  1. Upgraded Friday 2/26 in the evening around 10pm
  2. Unit started rebooting every two to three minutes.
  3. Opened a ticket with Tech Support Saturday (2/27)
  4. Monday the unit stabilized (temporarily) – I heard back from tech support, and they wanted to have a look.
  5. Tuesday morning (3/2) The unit was unstable again, rebooting every 2-3 minutes, so am unable to get it to stay in remote mode for Tech Support.

Reboot your Tablo. Unplug your HDD. Reboot your Tablo again.

Another Tablo owner here that upgraded to the latest firmware with no issues. That said, my network and antenna are rock solid.

While I agree, the timing is suspect, but honestly it sounds like a bad power supply.

I have run my tablo without HD attached, and it does not reboot, it seems stable.

I am not so sure about putting it into debug mode for Tech Support if the HD is not connected, can they get anything from that?

At least that makes sense. I just tried another PS laying around 12V/2A but getting the same behavior.

@ncrider Since you’re home with the Tablo at the moment, just give the support team a ring:

They’ll be able to work with you to get access established.

oh well, was worth a shot! Good luck!

Thanks. I got it into remote mode with my HD detached. The phone queue was too long to wait, have a number of online meetings all day. I hope we can get the HD back working, my family will be pretty pissed if I tell them we lost 2TB of shows.

A rather crappy solution was given to me: reformat,. The logs show it was corruption in the HD. The HD checks out fine (SMART), and the filesystem is clean (fsck), so apparently the stability of the whole system depends on what is written in the bytes on the disk. The wrong data can cause a constant reboot loop.

Bang – I just lost 1.8TB of shows that are no no longer being broadcast! I am going to have to look into some type of backup. The strange thing is that is is a files contents that causes the problem, not a failed HD. So RAID would not even help here. The best one can do is make periodic backups (snapshots) when the filesystem is functional.

The really unfortunate thing is that the firmware update caused the HD corruption. Maybe it was recording something when we updated. I will be much more careful in the future when updating firmware, making sure the system is not playing/recording (although I am not sure it was this time).

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I started reading through posts to see if other users have experienced what I am seeing, but wasn’t able to find anything. The search functionality doesn’t appear to really work. Anyway, the problem I have been seeing since updating to 2.2.32 is that frequently, maybe every 3rd or 4th recording, while I am watching, it will suddenly just go back to the beginning of the show. This happens just about every day. It is very frustrating, as I don’t know how far into the show I may have been and waste time trying to fast forward and find where I was, obviously more difficult the longer the recording is. I have been using my Tablo wired, since I had a number of problems with it wirelessly with the beta 2.2.31 and just haven’t gone back to wireless yet.

Support had once told me my (good) drive was failing. Copied everything to another drive - no read errors. Cleared drive, let taboo format and copied everything back - no write errors. And all was fine with drive for over a year.

Every issue is unique, this is only a condensed version of my steps.

As some believe "weak signal’s may be a generic, something’s wrong message - drive failure may mean something is wrong beyond what taboo deals with, and can’t continue. (This is a somewhat unsubstantiated speculation)

Did Tablo Support confirm this fact?

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