NEW - Tablo Firmware Release 2.2.26


yikes. BAD idea.

The ONLY time you should assume that one wants to see the commercials, is if the user turns off the skip function.

Otherwise, should the user hit the FF button and happen stop it in the middle of a marked break, the Tablo should immediately and without hesitation start playback at the next program marker.

FF to get back to a general area of the program is a very common practice, and odds are very very high that the user will stop inside a commercial break. Making that assumption, that it was intentional, is a very bad idea.


I actually disagree with this. If I am manually fast forwarding it is a for a reason and I like that the Tablo resumes exactly where I FF to. I wouldn’t want it to resume at the next marked show segment.

If you let the com skip do its thing during playback at the end of a show segment, it will automatically skip over the segment marked as commercial as intended.


Tablo’s current implementation is an all or nothing server setting. Either all recordings get commercial skip or none do. There is no user selectable per recording or per series setting.

Some users don’t think every recording needs or deserves commercial skip. Some people may want to actually see a certain recordings commercials. And continually turning the commercial skip option on and off to achieve your design probably doesn’t work. Especially when you have multiple family members concurrently viewing different recordings.


I agree. The functionality, as implemented, allows for multiple usage styles. As you said, if you want it to work exactly as expected, just don’t touch anything and it will. That’s the whole point.


Since the skip functionality is not perfect (and may never be), there has to be a way for a user to get into the marked area in case it isn’t actually a commercial. So that ability exists.


This. Thank you for articulating what I wanted to say better.


Maybe some day it will be perfect and also smart enough to realize that this recording is waste of a human’s time. It will then remove everything but the opening and closing credits.


LOL. I’m good with that. Just so long as it doesn’t attack my wife’s Judge Judy recordings. :grinning:


That should be on auto-delete for all recordings even before watching.


Does that include during playback as well? No.

I’m discussing what happens during playback. Either honor the markers, or don’t–it’s very simple. The whole purpose of commercial skip is, I’m here to watch the show–not the commercials. If I’m FF through the show, it’s because I’m watching the show–and stopping in the middle of commercials is NOT my intention. It’s an accident, an artifact of the whole FF mechanism. Whenever I stop, I want to be at program. I want the automated system to understand that commercial skip is ON, so don’t show commercials.

If I want commercials, I can turn skip OFF for that show/session. For example, accurate commercial detection may fail for any number of reasons–so for that show only, I will turn off skip during playback knowing full well that now I’m back to old-school playback.

I do this all the time today. Again, here’s something that’s existed for a long, long time on other platforms–but Tablo decides to do it in a worse way.

If it’s during playback for that session, it absolutely works.

Seeing commercials after I FF when I have playback set for skipping commercials absolutely defeats the purpose.


Absolutely. “Hey, on this show for whatever reason I don’t want you to skip commercials.” No big deal.

But if I do have commercial skip turned on, and should I FF and end up stopping during a commercial break, I don’t want anyone to assume I stopped that FF at that point intentionally. The fact that I’ve chosen to skip commercials during playback should override any such notion.


Why are you fast forwarding if commercial skip is on anyway? Isn’t one of the main purposes of commercial skip is so that you don’t have to use that functionality anymore? (Barring special events like sports or award ceremonies where watching the whole show is not that important)

It’s also very easy to avoid FF to a commercial spot. It is well marked, and as long as you haven’t started playing again, you can keep FF past the commercial to avoid seeing that commercial break.



ummmmm…wow. Just wow.

So I’ve finished the show and want to go back and find some specific part or parts. Maybe I’m doing that later, because I want to show my wife something specific. Or it’s a couple weeks later, and the newest episode makes reference to something in a previous episode–something I want to re-visit.

I will use FF and REW to do that.

Just wow. The blind defense of Tablo is astounding.


It’s not blind defence. Yes if you want to FF or RW to part of the show to re-watch it or show it to someone, you can do that readily, easily and freely with how everything is implemented currently. No need for any changes to be made.

Most of us responding are just having a very hard time understanding your logic. While that doesn’t mean your logic is wrong, it just means the majority can’t comprehend it.


That was literally the logic for the implementation of this feature.

Yes, we could have made you go into the player settings and turn off skipping and then go back and find the section you wanted in order to access that content, but we felt that would be a bit too painful, especially since we’re still tweaking algorithms.


I and others who have actually used the feature agree with the logic of how it is currently implemented. Maybe after the dust settles and others have actually used the feature, you could take a poll / survey to see if people want more clicks to be able to FF / RW into a commercial segment?


We’ve (finally) got a user survey coming up soon. (Wanted to get this feature out first.)

So if you feel the same way @adam1991 does, let us know there!




I’d LOVE to kick the tires on this and provide an opinion… but I need to get it first. :wink: