NEW - Tablo Firmware Release 2.2.26


I feel like a kid waiting for the ice cream truck. I found myself checking my Quad this morning to see if it was ready for 2.2.26. hahahah


I’ve already got the beta release candidate, and am still anxious to get the production version, eventhough it’ll be the same thing.
So, hahahah hahahah :slight_smile:


So you’re implying that to the software, all of Judge Judy looks like one big commercial. Makes sense to me, honestly! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

That’s kind of an interesting list, actually, and makes me wonder what’s unique about those shows. It makes sense that 20/20 and 60 minutes would fall under the same issues as news shows…

Anyway, thank you for this feature - I’m looking forward to trying it.


“8TB back-catalogs of cheezy B movies from Comet on day-1”

Those are probably the best candidates for commercial skip. The Creature From the Haunted Sea is always better with commercials removed. Even if removing commercials leaves a few bumps.

All the apps would probably choke if there were 4,000 moves in the Movie tab.


The pain you just caused me cannot be relieved by viewing 20 Judge Judy episodes.
But, I’ll try anyway. :wink:


I love that Judge Judy is by far the most talked about TV show on these forums…


Shake Judge Judy and $100 bills will start falling out. Her show isn’t my cup of tea but clearly she has a decent following.


Thank you for calling me decent.


Be decent! Or face the wrath of small claims court and Judge Judy!


Of course. It’s those Simpsons fans you have to watch out for. I caught a gaggle of them walking across my lawn. They had those scooter skates and wheely boards. I shook my fist so diddly dang hard at them!


What about the ones that aren’t cheezy?? …oh, my mistake. but still, isn’t that a cheezy-B-movie-people bias?


An interesting work-around for those who don’t mind a reading. Have your home computer loaded with Tablo Ripper pull the shows off of Tablo, put them into a destination (of your choice) on your home computer. Once there, have MCEBuddy rip the commercials for you and place them into a new destination on your computer. Once ripped move the movies to your NAS or external drive for viewing whenever you want. Most TV’s these days have the capability to attach a USB drive with MPEG’s for viewing. I have been doing this for over two years. The learning curve is minimal to moderate, but after reading the directions and a couple of YouTube videos it works very well. (As a side note: I watch my shows located on my NAS through a WDTV Live - works great).


That can all be automated for the lazy folks! er, I mean productive people!


I’m just thrilled to see 2.2.26 rollout. I can’t think of another system on the market that can hold a candle to the customer service and patron input implementation which Tablo has established. It’s going to be hard to top this one. Can’t wait to see what you do next.


It’s even better if you use a media server like Plex or Emby (both of which have cross-platform client and server apps, although last I checked Plex supports a larger number of platforms) instead of moving an external HDD around. Both offer basic functionality for free and offer a subscription plan for additional features.


@TabloTV - what is the timeframe for the complete rollout? That is, what is the latest date we should look for the update rollout to be complete?

Have any issues been discovered during the initial stages?

Does the rollout continue?


Wondering that myself. Been a while since 2.2.26 was announced and my Tablo has still not seen it. :roll_eyes:


We haven’t seen any issues so far which is why an additional (larger) cohort was added yesterday. We’ll be adding another today.

It usually takes about 2 weeks for everyone to get the notification.


I must have been part of the original cohort, which I am thankful for. I have had no issues with the update related to stability or previous functionality. However, my experience with commercial skip has not been perfect. I understand when no thumbnails are generated there will be no commercial skip and that is probably due to minor glitches in reception and I accept this. Programs with commercial skip sometimes work flawlessly and it is really cool when it does. However, manually fast forwarding/reversing seems to confuse commercial skip a bit. I have also had at least one instance on the most recent episode of The Big Bang Theory where commercial skip completely skipped over major parts of the show. Yep, we are in beta and hopefully the machine learning will improve over time.


If you scrub close to or into one of the yellow sections (which marks the commercial) the player will assume you want to see that section vs. skip over it.

If you’re seeing something different than that, let us know.