NEW - Tablo Firmware Release 2.2.26

Well, at least by then you should be relatively confident that it is going to be a stable update and can do the update without fear of surprises.

Updated today around noon. Four new recordings tonight. None of them indicate if commercial skip was applied or not. When playing, they act like before the upgrade. No commercial skip, no indication of commercial skip. I have 20 Mbs upload and 200 Mbs down. When playing the recording, swiping down on the remote allows me to select commercial skip on or off. Apple TV 4K, tablo quad. Everything looks like it should be working but no actual indication that anything is different. And if course, no commercial skipping. Any advice before I submit a ticket?

@fasttr Did you turn commercial skip on in the general settings? Not when you are playing a recording, but in the Tablo settings menu?

Commercial skip processing is not instantaneous.

Drink a couple of beers. Eat some pizza and check in a couple of hours. Failed commercial skip processing is only indicated in the detailed episode display.

Good point. Even with outstanding upload speeds it still may take a while. I’m not sure what Nuvyyos server capacity is like but they did mention somewhere that there is a queue. So recordings will be processed in the order they are received. If you are recording in Primetime I would imagine the queue is a little longer.

I have not actually timed the process but I know it’s definitely not instant.

Yes. But when the show finished. I then got the commercial skip “good” indicator and the timeline changed to display the commercials. This is 2+ hours after the show completed. So it seems that commercial skip is a “next day” feature during prime time. Tablo correct me if I’m wrong. Just trying to understand the expectations…

I think the answer is going to vary. I’m pretty sure I’ve had commercial skip ready on a primetime show about 15-20 minutes after the show had ended. Then again I usually try and time shift everything by a day anyway. So maybe somedays it takes considerably longer.

It’s going to vary depending on your upload speed and the capabilities of the Tablo server. I have a very slow DSL connection and a one hour show during prime time will take somewhere between 50 to 80 minutes to complete after the show has ended. Having a fast Internet connection will certainly speed up your end of the process, but there is still Tablo’s end to contend with.

Well I have 20 Mbps upload but then I also had 3 concurrent recordings at the time. If it is sending all 3 at the same time then it would probably extend all 3 results. Have to see if it is any different with just one show being recorded.

That should be fine, it has to process the FF preview thumbnails first then do the com skip after. So as long as there are free tuners after the 3 recordings are complete.

How long should Tablo Automatic Commercial Skip processing take after a recording is completed?
In a best-case scenario, a 1-hour recording should be commercial skip ready approximately 15 minutes after the recording is completed. However, the total time it takes for a recording to be processed by the Tablo Commercial Skip Server can vary depending on the length of the recording, the availability of an open tuner on your Tablo, your internet upload/download speed, and the current queue on the Commercial Skip Server.

Okay, upgrade completed remotely last night. Will have one of my boys enable it on the apple tv for tonight.

QQ, I have a mixed environment, 4 apple tvs and one fire tv gen 1 and one one firestick. If I enable commercial skip on one device, will the recording commercial skip on all devices?

For example, if I enable the skip on the apple tv. The recording happens. And I play the recording on the fire tv. Is the commercial skip going to work on the firestick, or will it only work on the apple tv devices?

Commercial skip is a global setting, so once it is enabled on a Tablo, it will work on all eligible devices.

Excellent, I thought was how it worked, just wanted to double check. I wish we could turn this on via the web app. Maybe that is coming.

I am expecting some delays in processing for me, we record everything. Only watch sports live mostly. It’s rare that we “watch” a show. We normally let a few episodes run then we catch up.


@TabloTV had it available on the Android Mobile app and possibly some other apps for a few days (I didn’t check any other apps) and then removed it saying it was confusing to their customers since commercial skip wouldn’t work on those devices. I, for one, found it extremely useful to be able to turn commercial skip on or off form my android tablet. I do all of my scheduling of recordings from the mobile app and since commercial skip is a global setting I turn it on and off a lot because of my limited DSL speed. It would be extremely helpful if Tablo would implement commercial skip on a program by program basis.

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Appears to be an issue with the short final scene of some shows. The final scene gets mixed in and skipped with the commercials. Young Sheldon was the latest but the same thing happen in Life in Pieces both CBS.

Just had my first commercial skip failure. Wife recorded The View. For some reason it was seen as News. I think there was a local ad for the local news running when the recording first started. It’s a scheduled recording and set to “Start on Time” and “Stop on Time” so this shouldn’t be an issue of it starting early with a news broadcast directly preceding it.
Unfortunately she deleted the recording after watching it. (Habit)
The heading for the program when she started watching the recording said it was like… Channel 2 News or something close to that… it didn’t say The View.

I’ll keep an eye on it and try to hold on to any recordings that do this … if it does it again.

I am glad to hear that my router made top pick. I am happy with it.

The Flash on CW had a decent chunk marked as a commercial. It was part of the show directly after a commercial break.

I hope the AI figures this out because everything is so nice when it all works.

I just wish commercial skip would get rid of the very long commercial for incontinence supplies that are shipped discreetly and free to my front door.

By the time the commercial is over I have to go to the bathroom.