NEW - Tablo Firmware Release 2.2.26

Have you done something to upset the update gods? Maybe if you offer them some cookies they’ll look favorably on you.

Hope your update shows up soon. :grinning:

Same here. Must be one of the last on the planet and still no upgrade offered. It’s now 5/4 at 2:30 PM. Can tablo please post when all units should be eligible so I can know whether to submit a ticket for someone to look into it? TIA.


Well I doubt if it’s going to happen during the weekend.


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Got nothing…

I still have not gotten the update. Even after rebooting the Tablo twice.

I’m beginning to think this enhancement does not exist!

It’s doubtful they would release any additional batches over the weekend since there is no support on weekends. Keep your fingers crossed for Monday. There can’t be too many users who haven’t received the update by now.

The Tablo folks usually make an announcement when the last batch goes out. I expect them all to be out this week, if not really early this week.

Ahh man the look on your face! You have no idea how hard we’ve all been working to trick you and just you! lol
I’m sure you will get it soon. It does suck to get picked last.


It doesn’t, we’re tricking you.

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The Colonial Penn commercial with Alex Trebek seems to get through the commercial skip unflagged.

How long does it ‘typically’ take the 2.2.26 firmware update to ‘complete’? I have a tablo quad with a current version of 2.2.25. Its been almost 2 hrs of ‘blue light blinking’ on the top of the tablo. Should I wait longer? I only have about 15-20 programs currently recorded on it! Hit the ‘reset’ button to get it going again? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! Joel

That’s way too long. I think my Tablo 4 tuner AKA OG probably took less then five minutes. Different blinks can mean different things.
Try this link to see which type of blinks you think you are getting.

THank you for the response. And the doc link. I did review it and it appears to list my problem. 1 blink every 1-2 seconds. It states that it cannot find the network. I have tablo connected via the lan jack - not wifi. Since it only is suppose to take 5min, 3 hrs is too long to be blinking. I will hit the reset button on the back to get it back online! Thank you for the information on this. I do appreciate it! :slight_smile:

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Update: I did hit the blue reset button and it came back online. However, the version it is reporting is 2.2.25. The upgrade did not ‘take’. I will stay on 2.2.25 for the time being. Thank you again for your assistance. I do appreciate it! :slight_smile:

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Complaining is a time honored method for getting moved even further down the list.

What stage of the update did it stop on, downloading or installing?

I have had it stop at the very beginning with 0% downloaded and after rebooting, started the update again and it completed properly.

If it was anywhere else in the update process, I would contact Tablo Support to check out your units log before trying the update again.

2.2.26 is now available to all Tablos. In the next several hours, you’ll receive the prompt to process the update. To get earlier access to the update prompt, tap the blue reset button on the back of the Tablo.

OK @Canons900 it’s finally your turn! :smile:

You finally get the chance to skip commercials to your heart’s content.

See, we weren’t making it up after all.

Yup thanks. We’ll see how commercial skip works tonight.

It’s a shame I am in NY on business and everyone in the house has been informed to touch nothing on the Tablo until I am home Wednesday evening!!!

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