NEW - Tablo Firmware Release 2.2.26

No sign of the update yet, just ran the check on the roku TV. I wonder what happens with Tablo Ripper where I have MCEBuddy enabled to remove commercials? Also I put a new internal drive in the new quad but have some recordings on the prior external drive from the dual and it would be nice to move them over and .26 supposedly allows that somehow.

No update here yet either…

I strongly suspect you’ll see your update today; I got mine late yesterday and I’m the last for everything lol. Can’t speak to MCEBuddy but my testing of commercial skip last night (Miss USA and Star Trek Voyager) yielded results similar to what has been described here - it found the ads over 70% of the time, sometimes allowing a complete one through before kicking in. As far as I’m concerned it’s a technological tour de force, but I wouldn’t pay extra for this service when fast forwarding (especially still frame FF) is so easy and satisfying - and from Nuvyyo’s perspective I wonder if the juice will prove to be worth the squeeze given all the complexity, variability, server usage and bandwidth. I really like the feature (which will surely improve) as another value added to the subscription.

Nothing should change unless a change is made in Tablo Ripper code I don’t believe. The entire source video file is still there, it’s just a play list that the appropriate player Tablo apps can access that enables commercial skipping by telling the apps where the commercials are.

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Last night I recorded10 1-hour Outer Limits and put them through commercial skip.

Eight worked and two had Commercial Skip detection failed.

Last week it was 5 and 5.

What are the reasons for the failure? Poor reception?

I wouldn’t waste time for any of the other failures.

  • SUCCESS - Commercial skip is ready.
  • FILTERED - Program ineligible for Commercial Skip.
  • NETWORK - Commercial Skip upload failed.
  • UNSUITABLE - Recording rejected from Commercial Skip.
  • RECEPTION - Commercial Skip failed due to poor reception.
  • OTHER FAILURE - Commercial Skip detection failed.

This this link…see if one of these helps. I bought the recommended one and it helped tremendously with range, buffering, and clogged frequencies.

Thank you, I’ll check it out! I have a long, winding area with many walls. I’ve got my heart set on a mesh router system, which allows expansion as needed. I continue to be impressed with the Linksys Velop at work.

I don’t believe 2.2.26 provides a way to combine the drive contents. There is an unofficial way to move the contents of the old drive to the new drive but even then you would have to wipe the new drive first and lose recordings made on the new drive.

There is an official way to move the old harddrive to the new Tablo but you still have the issue of losing any shows you recorded on the new drive.

On Wednesday night, May 1st, I recorded “The Goldbergs”, “Schooled” and “Modern Family” in that order, all on ABC. They ran in succession from 7:00-8:30.

The Goldbergs and Modern Family succeeded with the commercial skip. Schooled failed with the error “Commercial Skip failed due to poor reception”.

I watched all three programs and commercial skip worked on The Goldbergs & Modern Family just fine. Even though Tablo claimed Schooled had poor reception, it played just fine. No buffering or pixelation was observed.

Not sure why this error for occurred for Schooled.
Hope this info will be useful for the Tablo team to evaluate and adjust their algorithms.

This is similar to a previous question. Here is a snippet from their answer.

… over and .26 supposedly allows that somehow.
No it does not. It does not support copying to an internal drive.

EDIT: So, since the Quad only has one USB port, and Tablo does not support migrating shows to an internal drive, I cannot see where it is possible to migrate anything to a Quad, except by using the following;

Hi there,

Thanks for contacting Tablo support and providing this feed back.

Unfortunately, we do not support transferring recordings and settings from an external hard drive to a Tablo with internal storage.

However, one way this can be accomplished is to download a program called Extfs for Windows from paragon located here. This program will allow a Windows computer to read and write to Ext partitions. Once the new hard drive is formatted to Ext file system, which can be done by plugging the new drive in your Tablo for it to format the drive in the correct file format, simply connect both drive to your computer and transfer all files and folders from the old drive to the new drive. While the internal hard drive is removed form your Tablo, factory reset your Tablo and then power it down so you can put the internal hard drive back in. Once the internal hard drive is back in your Tablo, power it up and it should then restore it self from the settings on the hard drive.

Please note: that the settings and recording on the external hard drive will need to have come from a Tablo running firmware version 2.2.26 as well and the new Tablo will need to be on the same firmware version.

EDIT 2: This is my first disappointment, and a major one, with Tablo. Not providing a way to migrate shows from a current Tablo to a new one is really inexcusable.

I don’t think this has to do with swapping drives! Right off, it never mentions “second/new drive”.
My understating, it swaps you’re scheduling and settings stored a tablo. Transfering them to a new (or different) tablo.
Moves your recording aka, database of recorded shows stored on the device it’s self, the actual recordings are on the drive, but no info about them.

That is a guide on how to move a harddrive from one Tablo to another. All of the recordings are preserved and I believe settings. I haven’t done that personally.

If you want to move your old shows to a new harddrive and a new Tablo you must use that official guide in combination with the unofficial guide on transferring from an old harddrive to a new harddrive. Both Tablos must be on the same firmware build. Since the first firmware build the Quad shares with any other Tablo model is 2.2.26 your old Tablo must be running 2.2.26 in order to make the move.

Step1: Use the unofficial guide to migrate file to the new harddrive. You may need an adapter to do that and you will need a computer. Get the new drive working with the old Tablo.

Step2: Once the old Tablo recognizes the new harddrive you can use the official guide to move the new harddrive from the old Tablo to the new Tablo. All of your old recordings and hopefully settings are now preserved in a new harddrive in a new Tablo.

If anyone wants to talk more about this we need to start a new thread. We are getting off topic again.

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my mistake, I went back and re-read the post and the post before. I mistakenly read you were suggesting how to swap drives… which you weren’t. (well, you did mention unofficial methods)
apologies :anguished:

I use Tabloid on GoogleTV via the Nvidia Shield and I was really disappointed that I couldn’t find commercial skip once I upgraded to v2.2.26.

Any reason why it’s not available on this build? Plans to support it on the future. Thanks!

If you use the Tablo Preview App on your Nvidia Shield you will have access to the commercial skip feature.

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Thanks! I’ll look for that!

Still no joy even after a reboot!