NEW - Tablo Firmware Release 2.2.26

Still waiting here, too

Same problem here. 26 down, 2 up connection. Tablo’s commercial skip uses ALL of the upload bandwidth, make download requests/use of the internet impossible. Commercial skip now disabled.

Assuming you are really interested in commercial skip.

You could always set up a router QoS for the tablo MAC address and assign it the lowest priority.

If the commercial skip processing pukes because of the slower speed to the processing servers you haven’t lost anything.

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I use Google Wifi. There’s an option to make a single device a high priority, but no option to assign a low priority.

That’s too bad. My Netgear has not only WiFI QoS but also internet.

Set Up QoS for Internet Access
You can give prioritized Internet access to the following types of traffic:
•Specific applications
•Specific online games
•Individual Ethernet LAN ports of the router
•A specific device by MAC address

I don’t loose the internet but the Tablo app has issues. I don’t think it happens if I’m currently watching something but only if I try to connect during that time right after the processing starts.

Perhaps Tablo will implement the ability for us to set our own upload speed limit directly on the Tablo. It seems like the best option to cover as many people as possible.

Is there a client application controlled TCP concept like that?

Isn’t that what router QoS is suppose to accomplished? And unless that client doesn’t connect to a known external port, router application QoS doesn’t apply.

Of course there could always be an option to specify that commercial skip processing doesn’t start until a specific time of day - like the middle of the night.

As my wait for 2.2.26 continues…
Much as I love my Linksys WRT1900acs, I’m finding that anything more than HD720 - 3Mps causes severe buffering, even though the Rokus all report a “good” connection (ethernet-connected firestick works great at all settings). Looking forward to flooding the zone with mesh routers, but so far nothing from Linksys in terms of WiFi 6 ( I think Linksys is the only manufacturer out there that yas yet to announce new products.

Are there any Wireless AX playback devices at all?

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No, but the AX routers are hitting the street. If I’m gonna splurge on a tri-node, tri-band mesh system, I think it may as well be a little bit future-proof.

I received my update yesterday, wife will be trying it out tonight! I also going to have to change my Linksys E1200 router, I am just not getting the speeds I should and it is causing a lot of buffering! At least I hope that is the problem.

First, for those that don’t know what the term means. QOS = quality of service. I’m sure you know Zippy but for the others.

Check your individual router manuals to see if you have this option. QOS will make sure certain devices or certain protocols continue to get the internet bandwidth they need when something else is hogging the bandwidth.

Those settings may allow you to make sure you can do other things while your Tablo is hogging your internet upload if you are having a problem with that.

Unfortunately QOS varies on each device. If anyone wants to talk more about it start a new thread and tag me by using the @ sign and my user name. I’ll see if I can help. I don’t want to clog this thread up again with issues not directly related to the firmware.

It would however be easier if Tablo implemented something on their end because not every router will be able to do this in a satisfactory manner.

When it comes to streaming there’s just no beating a wired connection!

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Unless it’s sleeping, and you use a stick.

Somehow, I always seem to be in the last ‘random’ group. Trying to be patient, but getting irritated every time another batch is released and I’m still not in it.

Family Feud 169 CityTV 5pm MT second commercial break the show went to commercial and the skip start was off by about a minute, however the end of the skip period was correct. Perhaps it be possible to add a reporting feature in a future firmware, say a button we select in the AppleTV or other app to say there was a skip issue and then it will be flagged for review on your end. Would allow you to see if there are issues with certain shows or program types.

No love yet for me yet either. Does commercial skip work for stuff already recorded or only new programs after you get the update? I’m recording Billboard Music Awards and was hoping I would be able to test it with the update :frowning:

Only for recordings made after the update and after you’ve enabled it