NEW - Tablo Firmware Release 2.2.26

It’s what they call an “open beta”. Anyone can participate once they get the update. You don’t have to ask to join.

Okay, thanks. I’ll continue to sit tight and wait for the update.

You are not alone :cry:

Still no joy…

Odd because I’ve had very few issues and the skipping is actually pretty accurate for the shows I record (neither of the two you mentioned) and no connection related issues.

Same. Once in a while it misses a skip, but so far (hope I’m not jinxing myself) no issues with it chopping out relevant portions of a show or causing any non-skip-related issues. When it misses we either FF through using the thumbnails as we did before skip, or… go get a snack :smiley:

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I’m still waiting for 2.2.26. Anyone else still waiting?

What I have notice is when the tablo is communicating for commercial skip I loose the internet until my tablo and what ever server are finish analizing the program don’t know how long, it just started just couple days ago when I got the comskip update and only happen after when I know there is a schedule show that been recorded. Is anyone notice this.


What is your internet upload speed?

I ended up deactivating commercial skip for this very reason but mine is more the fault of my internet provider than Tablo. While my download speed is not so good, we get by and have little trouble, but my UPLOAD speed is HORRIBLE…

For normal web surfing, upload speed isn’t an issue, very little info gets sent out. But when Tablo starts uploading frames for the commercial skip identification, it uses my entire upload bandwidth, meaning, I can’t do anything online as my outgoing requests never make it.

If we are already watching a streaming show or downloading something BEFORE the Tablo upload begins, we are fine, they will continue, but if we try to initiate something new (send out a request), it times out.

I am hoping eventually Tablo lets us schedule a time for the com skip uploads to be done so that I can work around this.

We have confirmed this is a weird tagging issue only with the new QUAD. It’ll only happen if you had recordings on the 2.2.25 firmware which means people turning on their QUAD and updating immediately 2.2.26 before setting recordings shouldn’t see this.

The cleaner your Over-the-Air signals are, the cleaner your commercial cuts will be.

Not that fast only 1Mbps upload it’s what the most available where I live outskirt edge of city limit might disable mine till it get a scheduling.

Yeah, my upload speed is supposed to be 2M but It tests at about 1M - 1.2Mbps so sounds like you have the same issue.

My router DOES allow for prioritizing connections / bandwidth and I have considered trying that as a workaround but haven’t had time to work with it.

Comskip its nice but don’t mind pushing some button, just don’t like streaming a movie and just cut off when your into it and just suddenly died no internet.

My wife loves the commercial skip feature!

A couple of observations:

For some strange reason, one of our local stations (Charlotte, NC) includes a commercial for Elementary during a broadcast of an Elementary repeat. Commercial skip doesn’t see this as a commercial.

During the last couple of Elementary repeats, a Nutrisystem commercial was not detected as a commercial. Those immediately following Nutrisystem, were properly detected. Marie Osmond’s still hot, but…

Good feedback! Thanks for passing that along.

I’ve sent it to the engineering team to see what we can do about Marie. :smiley:

In other news… We just opened the firmware up to another BIGGER batch of folks!

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Finally got the update yesterday!

I haven’t had much time to look in detail, but so far so good.

From an operational perspective, I like it better than Tivo. Tivo requires me to push a button to skip the commercials each time, whereas Tablo just ignores and keeps playing as if no commercial is there.

I was concerned that the seek/find to end of commercial would be slow since my FF/REW takes a few seconds to find spot and begin playing. While there is a slight delay, it is much faster with the commercial skip.

Kudos to Tablo team!

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I’m still waiting as well, at least I was as of the time I left for work this morning. I read on the Tablotv Facebook page we should all get it by end of day Friday. Anytime now

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No Tivo Badge for you :robot:

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Any idea on how long the comm skip will remain free/beta?

We haven’t even discussed an end date yet and probably won’t until late summer/early fall.

I know the infrastructure team and the bean counters want to look at the costs over a few month period once the firmware is fully rolled out before they make any calls.