NEW - Tablo Firmware Release 2.2.26

What ATSC 1.0 OTA FCC required (DRM?) flag are you talking about?


Thanks. Got it

I think you made the right choice.

I don’t know for sure yet, since apparently I’m in the last group who will be allowed to get the update (still no sign of it), but based on your explanation I prefer the current behavior. The frustration of landing in a commercial and having to manually skip through it would be less than the frustration of trying to hit a segment incorrectly identified, and having to go back (and hope THIS time it doesn’t skip ahead again).

If the survey is up and you have a link, let me know…don’t see it, yet.

A few things to note…

If the recording is eligible, it’ll get uploaded for processing.

Unless you watched the recordings from start to finish (including the commercials) you could have missed some errors. There are also times when the errors can be so short as to not be seen by the naked eye but are enough to throw the algorithms off.

Finally, Tablo’s signal strength reporting is static based on your last scan. As we get into spring and trees start sprouting leaves, your reception can change. That’s one of the many reasons why it’s best to do a fresh channel scan on at least a quarterly basis.

Sure, but if you go the the Features Requests section and sort by number of Replies, presuming it’s most discuses because it what users care most about… you have to go down 25 topics to find Remove ads in recorded shows. I suppose they’ve done their market research.

It’s not what current users are asking for. But it’s good they did it, a real good thing.

Once you’ve received and installed the 2.2.26 update on your Tablo DVR, Automatic Commercial Skip detection can be enabled and disabled globally via the settings screen and enjoyed on following Tablo apps:

Automatic Commercial Skip is not currently available on the original Tablo app for Amazon Fire TV or Android TV, Smart TVs, mobile devices, Xbox, or PC. All apps will continue to support Fast-Forward Previews.


TabloTV, ok I’ll do a rescan and make sure.

Make sure to hit ‘add to guide’ at the end!

Thank you very much

Yes Tablo successfully performed comm skip on Survivor from last night, EXCEPT…

the first commercial skip happened too soon and skipped over part of the program. Luckily I could back up to watch the clipped part.

It then missed commercials in the middle of the episide, and missed the last segment (it jumped from the next-to-last scene over the commercials and over the last short scene right into the start of the next program).

So all in all it was encouraging but it has some tweaks and tuning to get where I’d feel comfortable paying for it. When it works it’s really nice.

Be careful resetting manually or unplugging during a firmware update.

Some things to note about firmware updates:

  • Do not reset your Tablo during the update process - this can cause faults on your hard drive.
  • When it is powered on, your Tablo checks every 4 hours to see if an update is available.
  • App updates for iOS, Android and Roku may take a few hours to appear.
  • If you initialize a firmware update during a recording, this will cause your recording to fail.
  • You can choose to delay the firmware update, but please try to keep your Tablo as up-to-date as possible to enjoy an optimal experience.

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Firmware Update Tips and Tricks - NON mobile site, for us older guys…

The regular Tablo app is working fine for me with commercial skip on a Roku TV.

Which device are you using? The option is not on all devices.
Supporred devices

The third party app ota2GO for Android supports playback using commercial skip as well but it doesn’t allow you to turn it on in the Tablo settings.

There is no flag to stop you from skipping commercials. At least not right now. There are flags in certain content to prevent recording. I have never heard of those being used in regular TV broadcast.

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Guess I’ll have to reboot my Tablo if it does not show up by tomorrow when I het home.

Thanks. I got it working now.

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No sign of the update yet, just ran the check on the roku TV. I wonder what happens with Tablo Ripper where I have MCEBuddy enabled to remove commercials? Also I put a new internal drive in the new quad but have some recordings on the prior external drive from the dual and it would be nice to move them over and .26 supposedly allows that somehow.

No update here yet either…

I strongly suspect you’ll see your update today; I got mine late yesterday and I’m the last for everything lol. Can’t speak to MCEBuddy but my testing of commercial skip last night (Miss USA and Star Trek Voyager) yielded results similar to what has been described here - it found the ads over 70% of the time, sometimes allowing a complete one through before kicking in. As far as I’m concerned it’s a technological tour de force, but I wouldn’t pay extra for this service when fast forwarding (especially still frame FF) is so easy and satisfying - and from Nuvyyo’s perspective I wonder if the juice will prove to be worth the squeeze given all the complexity, variability, server usage and bandwidth. I really like the feature (which will surely improve) as another value added to the subscription.

Nothing should change unless a change is made in Tablo Ripper code I don’t believe. The entire source video file is still there, it’s just a play list that the appropriate player Tablo apps can access that enables commercial skipping by telling the apps where the commercials are.

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