NEW - Tablo Apple TV App Update (v. 1.3 & v1.4.1 & 1.4.2)

I had to buy a USB3 to USB-C cable but I rolled back to 10.2.
Now I don’t have all those FF and REW issues. Plus my thumbnails are back I was hating FF thru commercial without thumbnails.

Good suggestion, but living without 10 second skip was awe full, I’m very glad to have it back. Plus rolling back is a temporary solution, eventually you’ll have to update your AppleTV.

Hey @TabloTV any thoughts on missing previews for us Apple TV users?

My 10 sec skip works. The double tapping left or right to skip is that what you’re referring to? I don’t use that but I tried and it works. I just FF or REW and let the thumbnails guide me.
Yeah I’ll have to update eventually but hopefully by them tablo is working with tvOS 11.

To anyone experiencing the missing previews in the player: we’ve managed to reproduce this and confirm the origin of the bug as a tvOS update issue. We’ve submitted the details to Apple, and we’re hopeful it will be addressed in their next update.

10 second skip worked for most people, just not me, and I do not want to go back to a world where it doesn’t work! I went almost a year without it, I’m very happy to have it back. I’d rather go without previews than without 10 second skip again. I just feel like this is validation for me that there WAS a bug in the previous Apple TV app, because Tablo kept trying to blame my network for it not working, now, after the update, it works perfectly. Obviously, it was a rare bug, but it did exist.

You’re “hopeful” it will be addressed? That doesn’t sound very encouraging. It would be incredibly disappointing to have such an integral feature just to have it taken away.

When you work with a major software company:

  1. reporting a problem is not the same as opening an official Apple problem ticket

  2. opening an official problem ticket doesn’t mean that Apple will accept it as their problem

  3. accepting it as their problem doesn’t mean it will get fixed in the near future

  4. Sometimes problems only get fixed when a major customer, such as iPhone, complains.

  5. Oh wait iPhone is an Apple product.

The solution is the new shiny ATV6.

You foolish people that bought the ancient crummy old musty ATV4.

(isn’t that how it always goes?)

Fear not!

GOOD NEWS: We have actually heard back from Apple. They’ve given us some guidance on a workaround that will make fast-forward previews work properly with iOS11.

BAD NEWS: We’ll need to attempt their suggested fix, and if it works test it before deploying which means the solution won’t be available overnight.

We’re doing our best to fast track this into existence but your patience will be needed for a bit longer.

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We just got Apple TV 4K and tablo buffers a lot- both live and recoded TV. Tablo runs flawlessly on our other 2 Apple TVs. Other apps seem fine on the 4K, so it doesn’t seem like it’s an Apple issue? Has anyone else had issues with Tablo on Apple TV 4K?

I had a bunch of buffering issues the other night while watching a show, but it was raining heavily outside
I feel like Tablo has a hardtime when it’s dealing with a signal that’s not perfect or near perfect.
I observed this behavior on Roku premiere+, ATV4 and ATV5

A fix is now on the way for the issue with Fast Forward Previews: NEW - Tablo Apple TV App Update (v 1.3.2)

Is there a plan to add enhancements to Apple TV to:

  1. select to Record off the Live TV screen
  2. manage recordings ie update start/end times

I’d prefer to do this within the Apple TV Tablo app interface instead of having to get my phone to do these tasks.

@arvsft Yes! We’ve got lots of updates underway for all platforms including Apple TV. Stay tuned!

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Care to give an estimate? By end-of-year? By next Spring ‘18? It’s just been something I’ve waited for since the initial release.

We’ve got at least one more Apple TV update planned before the end of the year.

Nevermind me, I found the other thread that explains the channel names issue

Sorting options for the recordings? That’d be a sweet christmas present!

If you keep shaking boxes under the tree, we’re going to cancel Christmas! :wink:

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Can I be invite to the TestFlight effort?

You’ll need to sign up first for overall beta access: NEW - Join Our Firmware & App Beta Team!