NEW - Tablo Android Mobile App (4th Gen) Update (v. 1.0.4)

@TabloSupport I have found more information about the third party launcher issue from reddit.

“Android app is not compatible with using a third-party Android launcher with a class called LaunchActivity. This resets the user selected android launcher each time trying to go back to the launcher. If there is more than one launcher installed, this forces android to request every single time the user re-select their choice of launcher. Choosing that the selection to be “always” does not help. The only real solution to this is to uninstall the badly behaving Tablo 4th Gen android app.”

Please fix this issue ASAP! It is making the app completely unusable for me and many others. Using third party launchers is a fundamental part of Android that has been a part of it since the beginning. This is not a user issue! Plenty of people use third party launchers and 99.9% of apps manage to not interfere with it.

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I have EXACTLY that issue. I will remove Tablo app and see if that resolves the launcher issue.

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Confirmed! Removed the Tablo app on both Samsung tablet and phone and the launcher problem is gone. Cleary the Tablo app on android with multiple launchers is a problem.

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@TabloSupport Any update on the bug with live TV or the 3rd party launcher issue? I feel like this should be a priority. This is not like some of the minor bugs and glitches some people are reporting that make using some of the apps a little annoying. This has made it such that the Android app basically may as well not exist because it is unusable.


Yes, but only when trying to watch live OTA channels. Recordings from OTA and live or recorded FAST channels seem fine.

I thinks so but I actually did have different issue playing back a recording last night where the playback would skip ahead but that may have just been a bad recording, I’m not sure.

However, the third party launcher issue makes the app unusable, because just having the app installed very negatively affects my normal use of my phone. So, I can’t leave it installed. And no I’m not going to abandon Nova Launcher which I have been using for years, which is superior in everyway to the default launcher on my phone, and which I have paid money to get the pro version of because I like it that much, to accommodate one badly coded app. I have 100+ other apps on my phone, plenty of media playback apps, and they all manage to not cause this problem.

@TabloSupport If you are deprioritizing this app because your analytics tells you not many people are using it I would encourage you to consider that maybe that is because it is unusable in its current state.

If you are deprioritizing this app because your analytics tells you you’re getting plenty of installs I would encourage you to consider that maybe that is because people like me have installed and uninstalled the app 10+ times to do something really quick and they get it off my phone because it make my phone unusable.

Hi folks -

An update is now available with a number of fixes, including one for the playback issue:

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Huge improvement! Thanks. I still have jerky playback that looks a little like judder on my low end Galaxy Tab A7 Lite, but it is a big improvement. Playback is very smooth and synced on my Motorola Edge now. :+1:

The third party launcher bug is still not fixed. So, the app is still unusable for me and many others.

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