New Tablo - add to existing account

I purchased the Tablo for the Nvidia Shield several days ago and emailed support, what is the typical timeframe to have the device added to my existing account/subscription?

I sent a screenshot of the Tablo, do you need additional information?

Kinds regards…JGM

The Tablo ENGINE?

This announcment:

Has these instructions

to add a net new Tablo DVR to their grandfathered active subscription can contact support

That link takes you to an online Submit a request form, maybe it’s more responsive.

@theuser86 brings this up because the Tablo Engine is a seperate subscription fee.

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I used the online form, thx. Personally if the engine requires a separate subscription then the tuner is going back to the store, it should be included with my current subscription since I should be grandfathered in. Thx again the your assistance, it is greatly appreciated

There is nothing to grandfather, the Tablo ENGINE subscription has always been separate from the Tablo DVR units.

“ Your Tablo ENGINE subscription is tied to your ENGINE ID - an identifier unique to your Android TV device.

Existing Tablo OTA DVR subscriptions cannot be applied to Tablo ENGINE.”

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From the initial product launch in June 2017:

Already have a Tablo OTA DVR subscription? Since the Tablo ENGINE solution represents a distinctly different video delivery method and doesn’t stream locally or out-of-home, we’ve created unique plans and reduced pricing that reflect this new feature set. If you’re interested in adding Tablo ENGINE to your existing Tablo OTA DVR implementation, a new Tablo ENGINE subscription can easily be added to your account via the online portal.

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Thx for the information, much appreciated…JGM

Hi there long time Tablo … 3 yr lifetime customer I just ordered a refurbished quad …what do I have to send you to get it added to my account and the other one deleted…ordered today

You can do a swap at any time by going to You’ll need to have the serial number of the new Tablo though.

You only need to contact support if you’re planning to have more than 1 Tablo on a grandfathered account.

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Only 1 Tablo…I’m assuming I can just put my USB drive with my recordings right up to it?

Or Install it first let it recognize it and then hook up the USB?

Okey-dokey thanks for the quick response
as always …love the Tablo

There is a process for transferring your recordings:

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Sorry to bother you again one last time, I am awaiting my refurb quad from UPS to be delivered and I wanted to ask a question. In my current router settings should I delete the current Tablo reservation and create a new one after installing the new unit? Or will the new one use the same lan ip…Therefore, can I keep my current reservation?
Thanks in advance

I think it would be a pretty good bet that the new unit will have it’s own unique MAC address.

But most routers allow users to edit their reservation specifications. And if so the existing MAC could be updated to the new MAC.

Thanks for replying, yes I knew I would have to enter a new MAC address but I was just wondering about the IP address

I guess I’m assuming the old tablo is going away and being replaced by the refurb unit. And that the original/current IP is good and not in conflict(same or in the range of addresses that the DHCP server would use) with another IP address on your LAN.

IP addresses are not fixed like MAC addresses. They can be handed out to any device as long as they are not actively used by more then one device.

Yes replacing OG quad…Yes current reserved IP is working good for Tablo…no dhcp conflicts
I am just going to delete this reservation and add a new reservation after I know the correct IP and MAC address from the refurb unit

Update: It did indeed grab a different IP address than the original and all I had to do was add at the router settings for the new MAC address and new IP …everything transferred well and I did have to go to my account page to replace with new Tablo and serial number since I am only having one Tablo on my account

Why are you replacing the OG unit? Is it broken?

No, I’m giving it to my son I’m going to set up this weekend with a proper cooling mat at his appt. We just wanted to upgrade to the new quad for the upgraded ethernet and Wi-Fi. He will have his own Tablo account LOL

Happy to report everything installed and my external hard drive transferred no problem all my shows 82 different shows. Like support said, I did have to go to my account …login and replace the Tablo and enter new serial number… Then refresh the subscription to get my lifetime membership active