"New" Shows Not Recording

I’ve had a ticket open with Tablo Support for a week now, and have heard nothing back on this, so I figured I’d post here in the community. It looks like I am not the only one having the issue.

I have multiple incidents - 5 just yesterday - where TV shows are either not recording or are not showing up on the Recordings screen. I have checked beforehand on the Scheduled screen that the shows are marked “New”, and I have also verified on the Live TV screen that the shows are marked “New” and have the scheduled recording icon on them.

It seems to be random. For instance, last night I had schedule to record all four shows on the Fox prime-time line up. The first three shows didn’t record, but the last one did.

Extremely frustrated by this, especially by the lack of response from Tablo support.

Has anyone who has had this issue actually been able to resolve it?

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Saw this post - Has anyone else noticed missing recordings?. Looks like this is a known issue that many people are having, and that Tablo is working on a fix. Still would have liked a response from support.

@cadady - Sorry about that. We do get back to everyone within 24 hours but something funky happened with your ticket. We’ll be in touch ASAP.

@TabloTV I don’t know if this is any help but I just noticed a bunch of episodes were not going to record because I said “New shows only”. When I scheduled it it did show that it would record but just checked and it was not going to. I selected record all for now.

I I KNOW the shows are “New” to COZITV and just started today. The Munsters originally aired in 1964. Apprentice COZITV is not setting "New"flag . It just starts TODAY, so while not technically new., they are new to the station.

Isn’t this the desired behavior, though? For most users, if they select “New,” they only want first original airings, correct? Like if I have Big Bang Theory set to record NEW, I want the new episodes on the network it originally premieres on and not any reruns that may run on another network, even if those reruns are new to that specific network.

You do not get back to people in 24 hrs. That is why I just sent it back.

@beastman I do have all of my scheduled recordings set to “New Shows Only”, but I have verified beforehand that the episodes that are being missed are marked “New” in the Scheduled program listing and the Live TV grid.

Norm - I don’t mean to be insensitive, but, you have decided to move on to another solution, Tablo does not appear to be for you. That said, you don’t add anything to the community by adding snarky comments that are of no help to the question at hand. Can you find your next solution and hang out in their community? The people here are committed to making their Tablo work for them . . .

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I’ve seen some interesting behavior when I’ve selected all NEW shows to be recorded. For example, even though I have Family Guy on FOX set up to record all NEW shows, when I checked on Sunday morning, that evening’s show wasn’t marked for recording, but the Family Guy for next week was. So, I cancelled all recordings, selected the option to record all NEW shows, and after several seconds, both upcoming shows were marked for recording. Don’t know why it would have skipped over that episode, even though it’s brand new, but fortunately, I’ve always checked upcoming shows to make sure they’re tagged for recording on a daily basis, so they’re relatively easy to catch.

In the logical scheme of things, “NEW” would or should mean new to tablo’s recorded database. Anything else, is something else in reference to Tablo. Whether or not those who coded tablo see it this way is the question I have always had. If not, it would be impossible to record reruns if “NEW” were selected, and that is simply not the case in my experience with my tablo.


Well - there is a different setting in “Settings” that says “Don’t record duplicates.” I have interpreted this to mean, don’t record anything that has been recorded before (ie, don’t record anything that is already in the recorded database).

That is different from the “NEW” setting when you select a series to record - in which case I expect it not to record anything that is not a “NEW” original program (ie, don’t record reruns/shows that have aired previously). Of course, this later determination likely is made based on whether the Guide data for the program has a NEW flag set and that determination comes from whomever provides the guide data and not Tablo.

At least, this is how I have presumed things work and I haven’t noticed anything so far that indicates to the contrary.

You’ve got it exactly correct.

NEW flags are from our guide data provider. Shows that have never aired before are given that tag.

This would not apply to shows that are coming back via syndication.

Recording all shows and making sure you have the ‘don’t record duplicates’ will ensure you get all of the shows that are broadcast but not get multiple recordings of the same episode.

This is not a fix, but this is something that I noticed.

I have stated numerous times that I have had recordings not record. Specifically the nightly news. I have set up NEW only and will get a recording or two, then nothing. I have set to ALL and get a recording or two and then nothing.

I noticed the other day that my nightly news recorded…so I selected to watch and in the episodes listing were all the other recordings that I “did not record”. Since they were old…I went to delet them (via Roku 3) and they just disappeared.

So…if they didn’t record…they actually might have recorded…

TV I use is HDMI to a Roku3 wired.
Tablo is Hard Wired Ethernet, I have tried via WiFi as well and no difference.
I have a large hard drive with plenty of room.
Reception is very good as well. Storms do make it flicker sometimes…but it is an antenna.

Can you talk to the guide provider and see if COZITV, AntennaTV, RTVN, BUZZR, others that are all classic shows to flag as new first time they air on that network?

@beastman - Not sure they would be game for that as they’ve been pretty clear in their definition of what’s ‘new’.

Maybe for those channels you could to to TV Shows > Channels and quickly scan through to see if there’s something ‘new-to-you’.