New Roku Preview Update - New Dialog and Improvements

Thanks! That worked! I previously had the Tablo Preview Channel installed and did not expect to need a code again. New preview graphics look really nice !

So far so good on my end. :smile:

Working fine on my setups as well. Two Roku 3’s (which have never displayed any rebooting issue)

Working great so far. Thanks for the update.

I am using a 4200X - Roku 3 software version 6.2 build 3467 connected by WiFi on the 5 GHz network.

Tablo Channel 2.0 build 9 Tablo Software 2.1.30

Looks like y’all are using the Roku 3. I’m using the Roku 2 and a couple of different versions of the Roku streaming stick. Currently, I have Tablo on my wi-fi network, but I’m going to move it to wired Ethernet to see if I get a performance improvement (reduce buffering).

Yesterday, I moved the Tablo to another room, which allowed me to connect to my network via Ethernet. That fixed the issue I was having with the new Roku preview channel being unable to find the Tablo. Very odd, as the original Roku channel has never had a problem. Anyway, it looks like thenew preview channel is more sensitive to network timing or latency. This could be an issue for some users who don’t have the flexibility of relocating the Tablo to a location where it can be hardwired into their network. Even at my location, I lost the ability to connect one of my TVs directly to the antenna so I could watch live OTA directly rather than through the Tablo. On all other TVs, I have that option, so that while watching live, I can get the highest quality and not have to worry about buffering or rebooting issues… still trying to figure out the best way to watch, which may be to use Tablo to watch recorded content only.

One more positive benefit as a result of moving my Tablo to a hardwired Ethernet connection, is that after a router reboot, Tablo has no issue reconnecting to my LAN. With wi-fi, I had to reboot Tablo to force it to reconnect.

I have all the updates and tablo on roku sucks worse than ever. Constant show restarts and buffering. 3100x - Roku 2 XS software ver 6.2 build 3468

Tablo ver 1.13 channel
and tablo preview both restart shows over and over, both live and recorded.

Tablo model spvr4-01-NA

The problem was intermittent, but has become constant. It is just unusable on the roku now. All my other channels on the roku stream fine.

Tablo has no problem streaming on google chromecast, chromebook, adroid tablet or windows.


That is an older Roku box, Tablo was designed for the 3rd generation boxes, Roku 1 (2710), Roku 2 (2720) and Roku 3 (4200).

  1. Can you hard wire your Roku 2 XS?
  2. Can you factory reset the Roku and re-install the Tablo channels?

My Roku 2 looks great, but there are some bugs. I don’t know if they are Tablo bugs or Roku bugs. For example, when I go from watching a recording to watching live TV, as soon as I click on the program I want to watch, the roku backs out into the home screen and I have to relaunch the Tablo app. It works the other way around, too, when going from watching live tv to watching recordings. Minor inconvenience, nothing that I lose sleep over. Also, noticed that my Roku 2 experience is rather slow (pushing buttons, navigating, waiting for info to load). I have one of the older Roku 2 boxes (from 2013), so it may be due to the fact that it has lower end hardware. However, watching programs is actually quite fast, not as laggy as I’ve heard from some other Tablo users.

Feature Request: Tablo has such beautiful album art for the recordings. Why not use it for a screen saver in the Roku app?

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@MotobikeMan - Neat! I’ll suggest that to the team.

Looks like there was another update to the Roku preview channel overnight? I was at build 9 a few days ago, then with the update a couple of days ago, it went to build 10. When I woke up this morning, I saw that we were at build 11.

Yep - we snuck a fix in Tuesday for the long wait on recordings loading and last night for an issue w/ the latest Roku firmware.

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Haven’t used it extensively yet, but it’s looking good so far.

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Or why not use Roku screen saver instead of black? I have weather for Roku so try to exit Tablo and watch just about anything.

Yes, the wait on recordings has become very short, because Roku is now not showing any!