New Roku Preview Update - New Dialog and Improvements

We’ve rolled out an update to the Preview Roku channel which includes the following:

  • New dialogs added for:
    • Scheduling a show
    • Choosing between resuming playback on a partially watched recording, or starting from beginning
    • Confirmation when deleting recordings
  • Overall performance improvements
  • Use of Roku system sounds for user actions including scrolling and selecting
  • Channel now obeys Roku device sound settings (on/off, volume level)
  • Variety of small bug fixes

To get the update, go to your Roku and navigate to the System Settings screen and check for updates. Your Roku will receive notice on the Tablo Preview channel of software ‘2.0 - build 9’.

If you have any any feedback you’d like to share with us let us know below.

This is the third update of many more to come! Stay tuned.

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Thanks for the update!

I noticed the preference to disable the sound effects just for the Tablo channel is now removed. Can this please be added back?

I like having the clicks for the choosing of a channel in the Home screen on the Roku, but within channels I like it off. For example, within the Netflix channel there no sound effects when you scroll around even though I have the sound effects for the Roku menus turned on.

When you say “performance improvements”, what do you mean? I tried my live tuner test again, and the results are the same. It takes 11 seconds to tune a channel on the old Roku channel, but 20 seconds on the preview channel (wired Roku 3).

It looks like if you hit the play button on your remote on a recording, it will default to resume recording (if it has been watched previously). That’s fine with me. If you just use the remote to select Watch, then it will bring up a new menu with the options of watch from beginning or resume.

I was able to delete a recording, and it did ask for confirmation.

Scheduling a show is now possible on the Roku preview, but you are limited to shows on the live TV guide. You do get the three standard options (record episode, record ALL, and record NEW).

It’s a fine update, though I am still waiting on the menu system that all the other apps provide.

I do not get an update in Roku System Update, do not see the Tablo Preview App in the Channel>App Store, and see a February 9th 2015 Tablo app 1.13. How can this be?

To get the Tablo Preview channel for the first time, you have to log into your Roku account online and add a private channel. The channel code is “tablopreview”

It made more sense to use the System Settings for the Roku rather than have our own, but I’ll pass this along to the code monkeys!

[quote=“snowcat, post:3, topic:2463, full:true”]
I tried my live tuner test again, and the results are the same. It takes 11 seconds to tune a channel on the old Roku channel, but 20 seconds on the preview channel (wired Roku 3).[/quote]

That’s odd. We just tried this here and there wasn’t any difference. Have you always had such big difference between the two?

@RetiredEngineer You can download the Tablo Preview app by following the instructions here.

Just installed the new Tablo preview for Roku. (2.0 Build 9). Pulled up the Live TV guide and moved over to 8:00 pm. Clicked on the show “Continuum” and again clicked on schedule and then record episiode. Clicked exit and went back to guide. The little orange triangle appeared in the right hand corner. Then clicked again on “Continuum” to read the synopsis of the episode and got kicked out to the Roku main menu and the app thumbprint for Tablo Preview on the Roku main page now has a “?” in the square ( Tablo Preview pic) .
I’m using a Roku stick (MHL) attached to my Oppo Blu Ray player.
Any ideas?

Yes, I have always seen a significant difference between loading a live tv channel on the Roku preview compared to all the other platforms (including the old Roku channel). I posted my times a few weeks ago in one of these threads.

Just tested again and was able to review the synopsis of the episode without getting kicked out. Strange! So it now seems fine but I still do not have the “Tablo Preview” app when i get back to the Roku main menu - just a “?” in a square.

Have you tried rebooting the Roku Stick?

I re-updated the Tablo Preview app from the Roku store and I now get the Tablo Preview square in my home page… All is good with the world.

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Until Snowcat mentioned this, I hadn’t bothered to test. But upon testing, I too find the original Roku Tablo app faster than the Roku Tablo Preview app - generally 10 seconds for the original channel and 16 seconds for the Preview. Now that I’m aware of it, I’m sure it will bother me. Thanks a lot Snowcat. :slight_smile:

@TabloSupport I believe this is the thread @snowcat is referring to. Channel tuning speeds on Roku
I too posted my tuning times and notice the difference.

Pretty much everything else about the preview app makes up for that when compared to the old app, in my opinion.

Live tv no longer work on my Roku1. The app close every time I try to start a live channel. I have re-instaled it but still not working. No problem with my Roku3, live channels are working.

Which Roku 1? Model 2710?

2710X, note that the older tablo app is still working with live channel. I rarely use live TV so I will wait to see if I am the only one with this problem.

I’ve never been successful in connecting with Tablo using the new Roku preview channel, and this update made no difference. I have 3 different versions of Roku devices, and have previously given support all of the info insofar as Roku model #s and software builds, router make and model, etc. Of my Rokus, only one connects infrequently, and with great difficulty. All Rokus continue working fine with the original Roku/Tablo channel. I thought support had enough information, including my Tablo log files, to solve the connection problem, but it doesn’t look like it.

So the question I have for y’all is, which model Roku and software builds are you using? I’m curious to see which Model Roku works, and if any of you have Roku models that aren’t working with the new Roku preview channel, I’d be curious to see if you have the same model as I do.

It shouldn’t be that difficult for the new preview channel to connect with the Roku, as after all, the code on the original Roku channel seems to work just fine. On the one Roku that sometimes can find the Tablo and connect, once connected, it does work in that I can watch recorded programs as well as live TV, and continues working so long as I don’t exit the preview channel. Once I do, I have to try multiple times before it connects again, if ever.

Hard to believe they lost the formula to negotiate a connection between the Roku and the Tablo… I have two thoughts on this… either (1) There is a bug in the preview channel code, or some difference in the connection negotiation code from the original Roku channel, or (2) The code on the new Roku preview channel is much more bloated than that of the original, and thus is running more slowly, and the Tablo is timing out before the connection can be established.

If you want to use the system sound, PLEASE get rid of the sound effect when scrolling down the guide.